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Rami Malek's stunt double talks about Bond 25 preparations

18-Jun-2019 • No Time To Die

One of the unique things about Bond 25 production so far is the amount of people involved who are willing to talk about their work well before filming has even ended. This week's chatterbox is French stuntman Sebastien Soudais who will be doubling Rami Malek in the film.

In an interview with the Mirror, Sebastien said: “I’ve had to erase my own personality and become Rami. He is a big part of the movie so I’m on screen for quite a lot.

“The two of us worked together before shooting started. I had to learn all about his body, gestures, movement, attitude, get inside his head, mimic him in every way and fully understand how he functions.

“I have become Rami Malik. I spent weeks in London working with his movement coach Polly Bennett.

“I practised in the street, in my bathroom and sent videos of me “being” Rami to him and Polly to give me feedback. Rami’s a very generous man and helped me a lot.

“You have to erase your own personality, the way you move and walk, and become someone else. I had to match Rami perfectly – height, size, chest, back.”



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