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Rory Kinnear doubts Tanner will return

14-Jun-2022 • Bond News

Rory Kinnear is promoting his new film 'Men' where he plays a multitude of roles, and of course, interviewers asked him about the direction the James Bond series may take after Daniel Craig's departure. Does he think he'll return to play MI6 chief of staff Tanner in a future film?

"I didn't even know, film to film, through Daniel's time, whether or not I'd be back," he admitted to Looper.

"I can see both things potentially being appealing. With a new Bond, they can try and create an entirely new world around him, or — like with [Judi Dench playing M] from Pierce to Daniel — they can try and create a sense of continuity. ... I can totally see the options ahead of them, and I just don't know which way they'll go."

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