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Tabloids claim Daniel Craig return in Bond 25 is due to Sam Mendes

06-Aug-2017 • No Time To Die

Not a week goes by without an 'unnamed source' giving a 'scoop' to a UK tabloid about the next James Bond film.

This week, The Sun claims they have discovered the reason why Daniel Craig will be back for Bond 25, and it's all due to Sam Mendes. Rather, the lack thereof.

"The U-turn came shortly after Sam quit the franchise," the paper reports (which is a bit of an exaggeration as Mendes completed his contract with SPECTRE and did not have an option for Bond 25). "And now I can reveal creative differences threatened to ruin their friendship during the filming Spectre. My sources tell me that as tensions built up, the atmosphere on set got chilly. And they claim Daniel will be delighted that Sam is no longer in the director’s chair."

One source said: “Daniel and Sam were best buddies when they first started working together and you would constantly see them laughing and joking. But after filming had been going on for a while, things started to change. There were a few areas in which they had very different creative opinions and their friendship did become strained. There were jokes that you could cut the atmosphere between them with one of Bond’s knives. Both are hugely respected and were never unprofessional. They played their parts brilliantly and produced one of the best Bond films. But it wasn’t the easiest of times for them.”

Although this may be news to a lot of Bond fans, MI6 has previously reported that tensions were high on the film at times especially after the Sony hack, the budget problems, and Mendes bowing out of publicity commitments for the film.

UPDATE: The Sun followed up with a baseless piece on Sunday that claimed Craig will be back for another two films, and his sixth may be a remake of On Her Majesty's Secret Service. 



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