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Thandie Newton confirms 'Casino Royale' screentest

08-Jul-2020 • Casino Royale

In a new interview that was widely shared today - due to the important issues it covers - English actress Thandie Newton also confirmed she screen-tested for 'Casino Royale'.

Back in January 2006, press rumours linked Newton to the lead Bond Girl role in the film opposite the new 007, Daniel Craig. Whilst The Mirror reported on the rumoured screentest, The Sun claimed (falsely) she had landed the role, whilst others correctly confirmed she had not landed the part. 

I remember going to the audition for the new Bond movie, the first one with Daniel Craig. I’d just done Crash, and yes, I was really hot, and it was my moment. And I remember going into that audition, and I was so thin and so messed up. It doesn’t have as much to do with the business as you might think. It was stuff going on in my life that was way more important and difficult than whether I was going to work. It’s interesting to think of what I did do at that time.

'Casino Royale' started filming without finalizing the casting of Le Chiffre or Vesper Lynd. The schedule meant that scenes involving Vesper did not start filming until a month into production, buying the team time to eventually cast Eva Green.

Click here to read the complete interview on Vulture, where Newton shares intimate details of the horrible experiences she has had in the entertainment industry.

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