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The perennial Idris Elba rumour is totally fake and there is proof at last

11-Aug-2018 • Actor News

In recent years, the media has been touting British actor Idris Elba as the first 'Black Bond' who will take over from Daniel Craig. Regardless of the race issue and debate over whether it is important for a fictional character to be consistent with how it was written decades ago, the media fails to consider one point: Elba is only five years younger than Craig. Producers would not cast someone of that age to start a new era of Bond films.

But, Elba has not been shy about milking these rumours for media coverage and it has no doubt helped his status in the film industry.

This week, the Daily Star went a step too far and fabricated a story about Director Antoine Fuqua having chatted to Barbara Broccoli about the prospect of Elba taking over the role (despite Craig being confirmed for Bond 25 in 2019).

Fuqua was said to have mentioned Elba in conversation. "You need a guy with a physically strong presence. Idris has that," was how the Star quotes what the Fuqua "pal" said the director had told Broccoli.

But a rep for Fuqua threw cold water on the story today. "He never had a conversation with Barbara about the franchise or about any casting. It’s all made up stuff. Not sure how it got started," the rep told The Hollywood Reporter.

Idris Elba will never play James Bond. End of story.

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