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Ursula Andress 'still a Bond girl' at 82

20-Oct-2018 • Actor News

She does not often give English-language interviews about her time as the first major Bond girl, but Ursula Andress recently discussed her 007 legacy with the Sunday Post.

“It was a big moment for me,” Ursula Andress recalled. “I think that simple bikini made a complete difference to my career. It made me into a success I had made a few movies before then but nothing had the impact of that scene in Dr. No."

“After being the first Bond girl, I had offer after offer and could take my pick of the roles that were around."

“It’s a mystery. All I did was wear this bikini in Dr. No – not even a small one – and whoosh! Overnight, I made it. It gave me financial independence and changed my life completely.”

Swiss-born Ursula played Honey Rider in that Bond film and at the time there was some controversy because her voice had been dubbed as her English was considered to be not good enough.

“It bothered me at the time but I worked hard to improve my English for future roles and, looking back, it probably did me a favour,” she said.

“I still have an accent, of course, and always will, but I did learn to speak English properly and, to be honest, in that film it was not about what the movie audience heard, it was what they saw.”

The bikini was not only enhanced by the diver’s knife but also a belt that was loaned by some sailors from HMS Troutbridge who were near the set at the time. It was a Royal Navy dress belt.

“They were very kind and the belt really added the finishing touch,” said Ursula. “I kept the bikini for quite a few years until I decided to auction it. Well, I couldn’t see myself wearing it again so there you go.”

That bikini sold for £41,125, about seven times what she earned from her appearance in the film.

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