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US box-office wraps up its last major weekend with 'No Time To Die'

08-Nov-2021 • No Time To Die

As 'No Time To Die' will be been on release for 31 days today, tomorrow (Tuesday 9th November 2021) marks the first day MGM can sell the film outside of its exclusive 'only in theatres' commitment.  As the film will be launched on a variety of VOD platforms for rental at $19.99, many locations are dropping the film this week and the screen count will plunge.

The US box-office brought in $6.18m on its fifth weekend, across 3,007 screens (a drop of 500 from last week). It held on to #3 against Marvel's new release 'Eternals' (which took $71m) and Dune (which added $7.62m). Bond's takings were only down 20.3% week on week, although the mid-week engagements had already fallen below the $1m per day mark. 

On the eve of the film hitting VOD online, 'No Time To Die' has made $143.15m. It is still expected to limp over the $150m threshold, but anything short of $160m will land 'No Time To Die' as the worst-performing US release for a James Bond film in the Daniel Craig era, not even taking inflation into account. 

The film is assured to earn substantial money from the VOD market this week, but it is unclear if MGM will publicise exactly how much. It may take a future earnings call to determine if the strategy was successful. 

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