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'Vargr' author Warren Ellis defends violence in Bond comics

01-Aug-2016 • Bond News

Warren Ellis' first brush with Bond in Dynamite's new 007 series is crypically named 'Vargr'. Ellis and illustrator Jason Masters worked on this and 'Eidolon', two original stories that pick up where Fleming left off.

The author says that not having to fit his work into the timeline and continuity of the films was a great relief. Speaking to Nerdist.com he says this move by Ian Fleming Publications was "surprisingly freeing, in a certain sense. It’s the Bond of the films that’s become the common coin of the culture, and the original Bond is a much different beast".

Quizzed about the violence in the comic, Ellis defends it with reference to Fleming: "James Bond drowned a guy in a ton of birdshit [in 'Dr. No']".

“I want you to take a minute to think about exactly what it’d be like to have your nose, mouth, throat and lungs fill up with birdshit until you died. Now tell me I’m too violent. Go on. Birdshit."

Read the complete interview over at Nerdist.com.

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