MI6 profiles the gadgets that Q-Branch equips 007 with on his 2012 videogame adventure, "007 Legends"...

007 Legends Gadgets

11th December 2012

Throughout his six "007 Legends" missions, Bond has some faithful and trustworthy allies. None more so than three prime examples of Q-Branch's technological trickery.

Smart Phone
The Smart Phone has three different view modes, which allow the player to search the environment and interact with it in unique ways:

Camera Mode - The camera mode allows you to take surveillance photographs for your mission and comes in useful as digital binoculars - allowing you to zoom in and out to survey the area ahead.

Electro-Magnetic View Mode - The phone's electro-magnetic view mode allows the player to see electrical wires in walls and floors and trace them to power sources which can then be turned off. This is particularly useful if you want to cut the power to a security camera, or unlock an electronic door. The electro-magnetic view mode also allows you to target and hack computers and WiFi receivers to gain enemy intelligence or tamper with the environment to gain an advantage.

Biometric View Mode - The phone's Biometric view mode allows the player to identify fingerprints in the environment to find areas of enemy activity - such as desk draws and wall panels which may contain secrets, or clues to Bond's primary objective. This view mode also allows the player to track scent trails throughout an area to find their source.

Wrist Watch
Bond's wrist watch allows him to track enemies and also EMP small electrical devices to cause distractions.

When the watch gadget is selected by the player, the glass on the watch face is masked by a digital "sonar"-like heart beat monitor, which shows nearby enemies as red dots based on proximity to Bond. As the watch scans the environment, enemy locations are updated on the watch face, allowing Bond to avoid patrols and sneak by unseen - or locate enemies who are hiding in cover during a fire fight. The wrist watch radar also shows the location of nearby devices which can be affected by electro-magnetic pulses (see below), indicated by blue dots on the watch face.

The wrist watch also allows the player to fire an electro-magnetic pulse at small electrical devices using a built-in laser tool. By pointing the watch at small electrical devices in each level (such as radios, speakers, tablets, walkie-talkies and other portable electronics) and holding down a button on the side of the watch, the laser fries the device causing it to explode and create a sound - attracting a nearby enemy to investigate the disturbance. This allows Bond to flank the enemy or take him out. Firing the electro-magnetic pulse laser directly at an enemy will cause him to become suspicious and investigate the source of the laser - Bond himself!

Cracking in to a safe is also performed using the watch: Bond first puts a small electronic cracking device on the safe door, which wirelessly links to the wrist watch, and must then interact with the watch to unlock the safe. When connected to the safe, the glass on the watch face changes to show several dials which must be rotated so that they align to reveal a pattern and unlock the safe. Bond does this by rotating the bezel on the watch clockwise/anti-clockwise with the pattern and difficulty of the crack altering depending on the type of safe.

Pen Dart Gun
Bond uses a dart gun disguised as a fountain pen to take down and distract enemies throughout the game.

By loading a tranquiliser cartridge in to the pen, the player can shoot an enemy, to silently and non-lethally, take him down.

Swapping out to a "shock dart" and firing at an enemy - or the environment - makes the cartridge trigger on impact and create an electrical blast. Whilst this isn't silent like the tranquiliser, the electrical blast incapacitates any enemies within the vicinity of the blast, making it perfect for taking down multiple foes (as long as there are no other enemies in audible range!).

A third dart type, the "distraction dart," is also available to the player. Firing this dart at the scenery causes it to generate a noise on impact, drawing the attention of a nearby guard to investigate the source of the noise. This in turn allows the player to take down the guard, or otherwise distract him so that Bond can sneak by unseen.

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