Die Another Day (2002)


When his top-secret mission is sabotaged, James Bond finds himself captured by the enemy, abandoned by MI6 and stripped of his 00-licence. Determined to get revenge, Bond goes head-to-head with a sultry spy, a frosty agent, and a shadowy billionaire whose business is diamonds... but whose secret is a diabolical weapon that could bring the world to its knees!

Release Data
UK: 20th November 2002 (12A)
USA: 22nd November 2002 (PG-13)
World Premiere: 18th November 2002 (Royale Albert Hall, UK)
UK TV Premiere: 27th October 2004, ITV
US TV Premiere: 11th February 2006, CBS

Running Time: 132 minutes
Classification: 12A (UK), PG-13 (US)
Budget: $142m
Worldwide Box Office: $456m
US Box Office: $160m
US Admissions: 27.8 million
UK Box Office: £35.9m

Cast & Characters
James Bond
Pierce Brosnan
Halle Berry
Sir Gustav Graves
Toby Stephens
Miranda Frost
Rosamund Pike
Rick Yune
Colonel Moon
Will Yun Lee
General Moon
Kenneth Tsang
Emilio Echevarria
Damian Falco
Michael Madsen
Rachel Grant
Dr. Alvarez
Simon Andreu
Mr. Chang
Ho Yi
Mr. Kil
Lawrence Makoare
Vladamir Popov
Michael Gorevoy
Van Beert
Mark Dymond
Charles Robinson
Colin Salmon
Judi Dench
Miss Moneypenny
Samantha Bond
John Cleese

Producers: Barbara Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson
Director: Lee Tamahori
Screenplay: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade
Composer: David Arnold

Puk'chong coast and Pyongong airbase, North Korea; DMZ, South Korea; Rubyeon Royale Hotel, Hong Kong; Havana and Isla Los Organos, Cuba; London, UK; Iceland.

Pre-Credits Sequence
Bond surfs into North Korean territory accompanied by two other agents. They capture a helicopter on it’s way to a meeting with Colonel Moon. Posing as the South African diamond dealer, 007 infiltrates the base. Soon, however, he is identified and narrowly escapes onboard a hovercraft. A high-speed chase launches 007 into the demilitarized zone. The chase ends when Moons craft takes a plunge into a fast flowing river. Holding 007 responsible for his son’s death, General Moon, captures and tortures Bond.


The title is derived from a phrase from a poem by AE Housman, "But since the man that runs away, lives to die another day". Bond utters the phrase when he exposes Gustav Graves is Colonel Moon in disguise. For the first time in the history of the series, the film went in to production without a title.


Cut Scenes & Alternate Versions
Two minutes were cut from the Bond/Jinx love scenes to secure a PG-13 rating in the US.
Depending on the territory the film was released in, different shots were filmed of the razor Bond shaves with in Hong Kong.
The following scenes were cut from the film:
- During the scene where Bond is driving on Cuba in his Ford Fairlane, there were some military manoeuvres going on alongside the road.
- There was an additional dialogue scene between Bond and Raoul.
- The scene where Jinx kills Dr. Alvarez was originally longer: after the kill she breaks into his safe and steals a CD which she hides under her dress.
- Deleted was a scene with Bond arriving at Heathrow. To avoid passport control, he disembarks the plane via the landing gear.
- A scene with Jinx and Graves playing Ice Golf was cut. In this scene it was revealed why she is chasing Zao.
- Lee Tamahori shot a raunchier version of the scene where Bond is rescued by Miranda Frost from Mr. Kil while investigating the biodome. Here they were skin-deep in the hot tub to give the illusion they were lovers. This scene was cut due to censorship reasons.
- A small scene where Jinx (in her leather outfit) is walking through the ice palace.
- Originally General Moon realizes much earlier that Gustav Graves is his son. While Bond and Jinx are exploring the Antonov, they stumble across General Moon and Bond explains to him who Graves really is. He then continues with Jinx to go for the cockpit, while the General watches Graves and Frost planning the military campaign.

Best Line
Miranda Frost: "I know all about you - sex for dinner, death for breakfast."

Best Mistake
Jinx is badly cut on her torso during the sword fight on the plane. Yet, moments later, when she is with Bond fiddling with diamonds in her belly button, the cut is gone and she is scar-less.

Distinguishing Feature
For the first time in the series, the opening titles are used to further the plot of the film with stylized images of Bond's torture in North Korea.

Vital Statistics
Conquests: 2
Martinis: 2
Kills: TBC
"Bond, James Bond": 1

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