Lt. Hip (Soon Taik Oh)

Character: Lt. Hip
Actor: Soon Taik Oh
Movie: The Man With The Golden Gun
Age: Mid 30's
Appearence: Black Hair, Hong Kong origin, dark eyes, dark complexion.
Status: Active

Lt. Hip, a detective from the Hong Kong police force, was a soft-spoken, quiet, and rather cool and collected. He was a courageous and aggressive ally to Bond, backing him up throughout the mission.

Initially Bond and Lt. Hip met when Scamanga assassinated Gibson, a solar energy expert, and Bond was on the scene and was arrested by Hip, and the Hong Kong police. After they told Bond he was being taken to police headquarters, he suspected them of being enemies, when they took him to the docks, put him on a police boat and took him to a ship wreck. Bond was shocked and relieved to find out the wreck was actually MI6's hidden Hong Kong headquarters. When they were on board, Bond and Hip were assigned to recover the Solex Agitator. Throughout the mission, Lt. Hip worked closely with Bond, engaging in fights, Hip being a Kung Fu expert, Hip eventually helped Bond recover the Solex Agitator, by disguising himself as a peanut vendor, collecting the Solex Agitator.