Felix Leiter (Cec Linder)

Character: Felix Lieter
Actor: Cec Linder
Movie: Goldfinger
Age: Early 40's
Appearence: Male, Short Black/Grey hair, medium build, medium complection, is often seen wearing sunglasses and a casual suit
Status: Active

Not the most memorable actor of the series, Cec Linder plays a serviceable Felix Leiter who watches Bond from afar, allowing him to handle the situation with Auric Goldfinger with his characteristic style.

Most memorable quote:
Leiter: The President wants to thank you personally.
Bond: Oh, it was nothing, really.
Leiter: I know that, but he doesn't.

Although Bond and Leiter have become quite good friends, not much is known about Felix's private life. A CIA agent, Bond first encountered Leiter during the Dr No mission, since then, he has been involved in a number of missions with Bond, and they have not only remained allies, but become great friends. Leiter appears to have somewhat of a sense of humour, but his interests are unknown.