Felix Leiter (John Terry)

Character: Felix Leiter
Actor: John Terry
Movie: The Living Daylights
Age: Early 40's
Appearence: Male, Short Black/Grey hair, medium build, medium complection, is often seen wearing sunglasses and a casual suit.
Status: Active

After a very long absence, Dalton's classic style Bond had a new Felix Leiter, and unfortunately, it was back to the old style for Leiter, too. Gone was the personality, and John Terry once again tries to be cool in a role that he never quite gets to grips with. Fortunately, for the following film, in which Leiter takes a much greater role, the producers decided to go back to David Hedison, who had done so well in Live and Let Die.

007's American counterpart, Felix Leiter has often assisted Bond in his overseas operations. Although Leiter is much less of a field agent than 007, his knowledge and expertise have often arrived for Bond just in the nick of time. Leiter is probably the closest thing that Bond has had to a friend, as shown by 007's extreme reaction to Leiter's injuries in Licence To Kill.

Although Bond and Leiter have become quite good friends, not much is known about Felix's private life. A CIA agent, Bond first encountered Leiter during the Dr No mission, since then, he has been involved in a number of missions with Bond, and they have not only remained allies, but become great friends. Leiter appears to have somewhat of a sense of humour, but his interests are unknown.

Bond's first encounter with Felix Leiter was in the back of Puss Fellers club in Jamaica, Leiter was his contact who supplied him with information on the case. In Dr. No, he assists Bond in Jamaica as he attempts to solve the riddle of the disruption to the American Space Program. During the Goldfinger missions Leiter helped out Bond by launching an attack on Goldfingers operation. Leiter has been involved in a total of seven missions with Bond. Due to Leiter's involvement in the capture of Franz Sanchez, Sanchez' men ruthlessly fed him to sharks, he did survive but spent the rest of Bond's mission in hospital. Bond avenged his friends by setting Sanchez on fire with the engraved lighter given to him by Della and Felix.