M (Robert Brown)

Character: M
Actor: Robert Brown
Movie: Octopussy -> Licence To Kill
Age: Mid 60's
Appearence: Male, Bald except for remaining brown hair, well groomed, medium build, well dressed
Status: Retired

M was given a leave of absence in For Your Eyes Only, as a mark of respect to the recently deceased Bernard Lee. Robert Brown then took the reigns of the British Secret Service. Brown had already made an appearance in the Bond series, featuring as Admiral Hargreaves in The Spy Who Loved Me. Brown seemed the ideal replacement, providing Bond with the necessary authority and air of complacency. Perhaps his best moment is the confrontation scene between M and the renegade 007 in Licence To Kill.

Most memorable quote:
This is not a country club, 007"

M has little tolerance for 007's behaviour and is much like his predecessor in personality, he also is lacking in a sense of humour, and seems to have very few interests apart from smoking a pipe and doing his job. Bond and M's relationship seems to be even more confrontation the previous M

Taking over as head of MI6 from the Octopussy mission through to his retirement after the Licence to Kill mission. Like the previous M, he spends the majority of the mission at his office in London, except for the odd occasion when it is necessary to set up an alternative headquarters