Moneypenny (Caroline Bliss)

Character: Miss Moneypenny
Actor: Caroline Bliss
Movie: The Living Daylights, Licence To Kill
Appearence: Short brown permed hair, blue eyes.
Status: Active

Unfortunately forgettable, Caroline Bliss never really had the chance to work her way into the character of Moneypenny. Poor scripting and lack of screen time meant that she had very little opportunity to show herself as a worthy successor to the role. A poor substitute for the wonderful, but sadly aging, Maxwell, Bliss' Moneypenny was perhaps to eager to please Dalton's hard-edged Bond, and not annoyed enough with his cavalier, philandering attitude. Her most memorable quote is also her most cringeworthy.

Most memorable quote:
Moneypenny: "I didn't know you were a music lover. Any time you want to come over and hear my Barry Manilow collection..."

Over many years and numerous mission, Moneypenny has always remained M's secretary, and usually encountered Bond before and after his briefings with M. On several occasions Bond and Moneypenny's flirtations have been met with stuffy old-hat warnings from M.