General Leonid Pushkin (John Rhys-Davies)

Character: General Leonid Pushkin
Actor: John Rhys-Davies
Movie: The Living Daylights
Age: Mid 40's
Appearence: Black curly hair, manicured beard, dark eyes, medium complection, large build
Status: Active

General Leonid Pushkin is the head of the Russian Secret Service. Bond is ordered by M to assassinate him in response to his programme of Smiert Spionem - Death to Spies. Fortunately for Pushkin, Bond relies on his head rather than his holster when attempting to uncover Georgi Koskov's underhanded dealings.

General Pushkin replaced Gogol as the head of the KGB, he was originally suspected to be the enemy during the mission. After General Koskov convinced MI6 the agent 004's murder was under Pushkin's orders, Bond started to suspect the Koskov had framed Pushkin.

When Bond discovered the plot he confronted Pushkin, who agreed to join forces, and staged his death to get Koskov and Whitaker into a trap. In the conclusion of the mission, Brad Whitaker was killed, allowing Puskin to arrest General Koskov and ship him back to Moscow.