Q's Assistant (John Cleese)

Character: Q's Assistant
Actor: John Cleese
Movie: The World Is Not Enough, Die Another Day (as "Q")
Age: 60
Appearance: Tall, elderly mustached gentleman who prefers to wear tank tops under his double blazer.
Status: Active


Q is grooming a new assistant to take over from him, and although he has not met 007 until "The World Is Not Enough", he knows of his lack of respect for their work. He bumbles, fumbles and over-explains everything to the point where Q cuts in speeds up proceedings.

Jokingly referred to as "R" by Bond, Q's Assistant briefs Bond on Q's latest creations including the enhancements the BMW Z8, X-Ray specs and ski jacket. Whereas Q has gotten to like Bond over the years, R openly shows disdain for Bond's activities and his careless use of the department's equipment.

John Cleese's "assistant" character would take over the main role of Q (Quartermaster) in the next mission "Die Another Day", after his predecessor's retirement.