Saunders (Thomas Wheatley )

Character: Saunders
Actor: Thomas Wheatley
Movie: The Living Daylights
Age: Late 30's
Appearence: Black curly hair, dark eyes, medium build, medium complexion.
Status: Murdered

Saunders, head of Section V, was assigned to work alongside Bond in his investigations. Having the knack for playing it "by the book", Saunders was frustrated by Bond's unorthodox, but successful methods, which was displayed when Bond purposely opted not to kill Kara. After the two men arranged Koskov's escape, Bond decided he needed to flee for Tangier, and needed Saunders to deliver two fake passports to him and Kara.

Bond met up with Saunders at a cafe in a local carnival area, Saunders dropped off the passports, and the two settled their differences. Unfortunately for Saunders he got somewhat "stuck" in the automatic doors leading out of the cafe, rigged up by Necros to deliver a deadly blow to passers by.