Sir Godfrey Tibbett (Patrick Macnee)

Character: Sir Godfrey Tibbett
Actor: Patrick Macnee
Movie: A View To A Kill
Age: 63
Appearence: Brown hair, hazel eyes, stocky build, medium complexion
Status: Murdered

Sir Godfrey Tibbett is an expert on horses. He is asked by his government to accompany Bond on a fact finding mission to Max Zorin's stables, where a sale is currently in progress. In a strange quirk of undercover sleuthing, the aristocratic expert is reduced to being the chauffer to Bond's James St. John Smythe. He offers useful information and expert advice to 007, but meets a sudden end when he takes his already washed car to the car wash.

Most memorable quote:
Tibbett: "We are on a mission."
Bond: "Sir Godfrey, on a mission, I am expected to sacrifice myself."

Tibbett had the personality of a seasoned English gentleman, he was very patient to Bond's over the top demands. Sir Godfrey possessed a gentle and friendly personality, which was very much unlike his position in British intelligence.

Sir Godfrey was assigned to work in cooperation with Bond in the investigations of Zorin's microchip industry. Sir Godfrey's first role was posing as Bond's chauffeur, while Bond was under the identity of James St. John Smythe. When Bond was at Zorin's stables, Godfrey courageously investigated the underground laboratory, where he discovered the use of steroids. Later in the mission Sir Godfrey was strangled by May Day when he went out to get the Roller washed.