Willard Whyte (Jimmy Dean)

Character: Wilard Whyte
Actor: Jimmy Dean
Movie: Diamonds Are Forever
Age: Early 40's
Appearence: Boyish looking, black hair, blue eyes, casual dresser
Status: Unknown

Most memorable quote:

Not at all like the average billionaire, Whyte was a reclusive billionaire, who lived in his secluded mansion in the Nevada desert. With his thick redneck accent, and surprisingly casual dress. Whyte was in charge of several NASA space operations.

Willard Whyte was kidnapped by Blofeld, who used a voice simulator to fake Whyte's voice and give orders from the Whyte House, one of Whyte's casino's in Las Vegas. This gave Blofeld the opportunity to be in command of space operations, and of course operate the diamond satellite. After Whyte was rescued, he discovered he had been betrayed by one of his colleges, Bert Saxby, so Whyte, in order to seek out revenge helped Bond and the CIA infiltrate Blofeld's oil rig in Baja.