When SPECTRE's evil intentions are brought to the surface in "Thunderball", M calls in every 00-agent in Europe. As Bond finally arrives for the briefing, he joins eight other anonymous agents from the double-0 section.

But 007's colleagues in the double-0 section have made individual appearances over the series of films. MI6 rifles through M's files for the profiles on Bond's piers...

The Other 00-Agents
9th September 2002

Movie Colleagues

There have been many references to other double-0 agents in the film series. 008 is the most notorious, his number is mentioned in multiple films as a threat by M if 007 is incapable of following orders. Over the 19 films to date, 7 different 00-numbers have been introduced into the fold:


1: Bill Fairbanks, assassinated by Fransisco Scaramanga in Beirut in - 007 later investigates in "The Man With The Golden Gun".

2: A replacement 002 joined 007 on a training mission on Gibraltar and was rather easily captured in "The Living Daylights".

003 003 was killed in Siberia whilst on a mission to steal a microchip from a Russian factory. 007 finds his frozen body and retrieves the ship, which was hidden in a locket, in "A View To A Kill".
004 Killed by a KGB assassin during the exercise attack on Gibraltar in "The Living Daylights".
006 Alec Trevelyan, believed to have been killed while on a mission with 007 to destroy a Russian chemical weapons facility. 006 later appeared in a new guise as the head of the Janus crime organization in "GoldenEye".

008 is mentioned in multiple films by M, but never appears on screen. He is first mentioned in "Goldfinger" as a backup replacement if 007 fails his mission, and most recently in "The Living Daylights".

009 Killed in East Germany by Mischka and Grischka, the two knife-throwing twins. 009 makes a spectacular entrance to the British Embassy, dressed as a clown and holding a Faberg´┐Ż egg in "Octopussy".
0012 The novelisation of "The World Is Not Enough" lists the agent Bond refers to in the banker's office opening scene as 0012, rather than just "an MI6 agent".

Literary Colleagues

In Ian Fleming's "Moonraker", James Bond is described as being the senior member of only three agents in the double-0 section. The two other agents were 008 - who had just escaped from East Berlin, and 0011 - who had vanished from Singapore two months before the mission.

008 made another appearance in "Goldfinger" where he is listed as the replacement for 007 should he fail (the film adaptation is loyal to this). 0011 was not so lucky, and did not get mentioned in any of the later Fleming adventures.

009 was introduced in "Thunderball" as another member of the sections. Bond was also in competition with 006 in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" to be first to win Mary Goodnight's heart. 006 is described as an ex-Royal Marine. Fleming only mentioned four other agents in the double-0 section alongside 007, and never once as a plotline to a story - a thread that has been used on numerous occasions throughout the film series.