Did you assume that was Grace Jones in the "A View To A Kill" poster? Think again...

Sinister Adversary. Deadly Beauty

27th December 2011

Grace Jones may have been at the peak of her fame when she starred as Mayday in the 1985 James Bond film "A View To A Kill", but those were not her curves and lines that adorned the poster with Roger Moore's 007.

The real woman was Stephanie Suthers, a 24 year-old body builder originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. "I work out three hours a day and dance three hours a day", she told local press at the time. "That way, I avoid that manly look."

Suthers auditioned for the poster gig in Los Angeles straight after working out. "I was the last girl to walk in and the hired me right off." The photoshoot took two hours and Suthers earned $100.

Artist Dan Goozee created the artwork based on the photoshoot an incorporated Jones' head on to the body.

After her work on Bond, she landed numerous modeling jobs, including a Coca-Cola commercial. She is now owner and founder of a natural hair products company based in Los Angeles.

Right: Body-builder, model and businesswoman Stephanie Suthers now in her 50s.


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