Passionate debate has engulfed the world of Bond fans since the first `Brosnan Axed` rumours were published in the British press this week...

Brosnan Rumours Stir Passionate Debate
14th February 2004

Regulars from the Keeping The British End Up discussion board have been talking about the "Brosnan Axed" issue since it first came to light on Monday 9th February. Below are a few highlights of the ongoing debates.

Brosnan Axed?

I think this whole situation is ridiculous and I dont trust any of the press sources, I'll wait until MGM or Eon Productions come out with a public statement. Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said after "Die Another Day" was finished filming that Brosnan was still their Bond, I don't believe he's going anywhere. - R Conrad

Although I myself could have never imagined something like this 3 days ago, it does seem strangely logical for me now. After ruining the series (or what the rumours call "injecting new blood into it") with "Die Another Day" by trying to attract the youngest of the youngest, prematurely kicking Brosnan out and replacing him with one of the freshmen in Hollywood action cinema is a perfectly plausible step for revitalizing the franchise in the 21st century. So, all in all, I don't want to believe it, but I am afraid it is credible. - A. F. Schumacher

Do I believe Brosnan has been axed? Clearly not. I mean, it doesn't take a genius to realize that Brosnan is immensely popular! His movies made so much money that asking him to step down just doesn't make any sense. - I. Luds

Brosnan has been very good and very successful as 007. I can't see MGM/Eon ditching him until he makes a flop Bond film. - Chris Lawmon

Age Matters?

He looks much older than he did in "GoldenEye2, and he has some grey hair, but physically he seems to be OK. I think his age should not stop him from doing Bond 21, but it will prevent him from doing another Bond movie after that. - A. Kohler

Roger Moore being 57 in "A View To A Kill" didn't bother me, so Pierce being 50 isn't an issue. - R Conrad


I believe that Brosnan will do one more film, and that his age is certainly no issue. I believe that he is a good actor, managing to combine the sort of charm and action greats like Connery and Moore gave us. If Roger Moore could do a quality job of playing James Bond through the 1980's, surely Pierce can do another quality job as Bond. - C Donnellon

He still looks, and loves to play the part. Of course, Bond 22 would be another story as it'll probably be released 2 or 3 years after Bond 21. Another actor should probably be introduced for Bond 22. - I. Luds

Perhaps it is just my own refusal to accept something I find quite plainly outrageous, however my gripe is that it seems to be slightly unfounded: Brosnan's age. I don't think his age should be such a major issue here. "Die Another Day" is as sure as any evidence that he can still pull the audience in. - D. Towers

He's too successful and too good at playing Bond to just be axed suddenly. He's a great actor, I think there would've been some warning. This all came out of no where and not even from reliable sources. - A Reass


Trust In The Media

I am slightly shocked, and frustrated that a rumor like this gets widely spread as being a confirmed fact. There are a couple of 007 news sites that I thought were reliable, but after seeing their coverage of this rumor I will not have as much faith in them as I used to. I believe that he will at least do Bond 21, simply because if he wasn't going to continue in the role he would have made it public. - A. Kohler

The most disturbing aspect for me is how quickly a 'news' story from an unnamed source so quickly became fact. The point that it appeared in a popular British paper doesn't help matters. - A. Fewings

It's hard to trust the press at the best of times, but if it's a tabloid going solo on a story, which itself contains numerous factual errors, and not actually by any official spokesman, I don't believe anything without some form of compelling evidence. - D. Towers

I was initially shocked, as this rumour seems such out of the blue! But now I feel a bit frustrated and annoyed at all these sites and media that report it. - I. Luds

I never trust the media. None of them have any proof that this is true. It's all just a bunch of rumors. I won't believe it until there is some kind of proof - A Reass

Conspiracy Theories

As a cynical sort, I'm leaning towards the idea of an EoN/MGM publicity stunt. This idea of gauging public opinion for Pierce is plausible, as is the belief that it helps keep Bond in the news for the release of Everything or Nothing. - A. Fewings

This whole thing seems to me to be one of two things. Either this is some bizarre attempt to plug "Everything or Nothing", or someone badly got the wrong end of the stick, heard something, decided what they thought it meant, then blabbed to all and sundry. I'm sure there are better ways to conduct a PR exercise than this! - Chris Lawmon

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