MI6 takes a retrospective look at what could have been the 17th James Bond film and Timothy Dalton's third outing as 007, with a summary of the second act...

Bond 17 - Act II
11th August 2006

MI6 takes a retrospective look at what could have been the 17th James Bond film and Timothy Dalton's third outing as 007, a very different concept to what fans of today are familiar with. The world now knows "GoldenEye" starring Pierce Brosnan as Bond 17, however at the time of original planning, 007's seventeenth outing would have looked very different.  

Hong Kong

Ching's Offices
Winkhart and Ching await their meeting with the Kohoni twins. Sir Henry informs Winkhart that the twins are "Yakuzi", members of the Japanese mafia.

Rodin, a well-build goon, is disguised as a motorcycle courier. The inside of his bike helmet flickers to on with a targeting display system. He opens his bag, slung over his shoulder, to reveal a hefty weapon. The helmet screen targets nearby security men and he blasts them all down.

Inside the building the Kohoni's have arrived. They take their seats at a conference table.

Rodin is now on the roof, finishing off another guard. Nearby is an automatic window-cleaning machine. The goon swaps a canister of window-cleaner for something more lethal.

Above: Timothy Dalton, ultimately, played Bond only twice.

In the conference room, Sir Henry Lee Ching proposes buying Kohoni Industries from the twins. They, however, are un-interested in Ching's proposal and prefer to rough up a few of his associates instead. Ching calmly bids them good day, and leaves the meeting.

Above: Imperial Hotel in Hong Kong

Winkhart and Ching rapidly leave the building. Once downstairs, Ching signals to Rodin and he sets the window-washer in to action. The machine reaches the appropriate level, but instead of soapsuds, the machine shoots flames. The associates on the ground smile at the Kohoni brother's demise.

Bond and Crisp watch as Q and the DB5 disembark a cargo plane. The Aston has had a few new optional extras installed and Q nervously demonstrates. Seemingly uninterested as usual, Bond climbs into the driver's seat and speeds off.

The Imperial Hotel
Bond is checked in by the lovely manager Mi Wai and then escorted this room. A party is ensuing in one of the hotel's banquet halls. Photographs are being taken of guests and passers-by alike. One is snapped of Bond.

On a computer screen of the section chief of Chinese Intelligence Service, Quen Low, is the picture of Agent 007.

Bond prepares for a shower, only to discover it is already occupied by Connie Webb. She informs Bond that her superiors were impressed with his merchandise. Connie has ordered champagne, and they toast to their new partnership.

Streets of Hong Kong
It is the Chinese New Year as Connie and 007 drive though the streets of Hong Kong, where they witness many partygoers. Bond decides it is time for a little information, and so quizzes Connie about her 'robbery' at Kohoni Industries. She claims to have switched real jewels for a fake set. However, Bond is suspicious.


Ching's Offices
Bond and Connie are scanned in through the high-security entrance. No record is found for 007. Rodin is suspicious and has an deeper search ordered.

The party is already well underway. Crisp is in conversation with the Chinese agent Mi Wai. Suddenly a group of black-clad commandos appear, repelling down the side of the building. Bond instinctively draws his weapon. However, Ching smiles as the security system activates an automatic machine gun, which targets and takes out the commando unit. The building has the latest security and defense technology installed. It is the way of the future, Ching notes.

Above: Hong Kong skyline at night

Bond meets Winkhart who hands him a New Years' fortune cookie, which contains an address for a meet later that night.

Ching saunters over to have a private word with Bond about the selling of the microchip. Suddenly Nigel Yupland appears behind Bond, blurting out Bond's real identity as a British secret agent.

Connie slips the microchip to Sir Henry under the table, and then stands to leave. As she does she turns and shakes Bond's hand, slipping something to him. Bond knows it is time to get out of there, and he makes a quick exit. In his palm he holds a microchip, with "Kohoni Industries" engraved on it.

Rodin escorts Connie Webb to a lift whilst Denholm Crisp watches on.

Mi Wai is waiting at the rendezvous point when Bond arrives. Mi Wai gestures to Bond suggesting they take a drive.

Ching's Offices
Sir Henry and his goons are admiring their latest advancement in technological warfare. It is a lethal car, designed to hunt and destroy other vehicles. Rodin dons a helmet with a heads-up display installed. The henchman speeds away, in hot pursuit of Bond. Henry and the rest of the goons watch the action on a large video monitor.

Streets of Hong Kong
Bond and Mi Wai are speeding through the streets in Q's Aston. The killer-car is approaching fast. Rodin uses infra-red targeting to keep a steady lock on the DB5. First Rodin uses built in machine guns to try and take out the DB5, but Bond dodges the fire by whipping the Aston round a sharp corner.

Above: The busy streets of Hong Kong

Rodin, still in pursuit, has to drive wildly to dodge time-delayed mines, laid out by the Aston ahead. Next, Rodin hits a button and the missile targeting system springs to life. When the killer-car's missiles lock onto their target, the DB5 alerts Bond and he launches flares which Rodin's heat-seeking missiles follow instead.

Rodin's car keeps close on Bond's tail, imitating the Aston's every move. The goon has only one option left - to use his hand pistol… He shoots at the car, so Bond rises the bullet proof shield, but it will not hold out forever.

Suddenly, Bond makes a sharp turn and drives the Aston off a cliff. Rodin's car, with its targeting software, follows Bond and Mi Wai over the side. Mi Wai screams as the DB5 plummets, but Bond hits the ejector seat button and both chairs shoot into the air. Parachutes spring from the car seats and the pair float gently to the ground. Meanwhile, Rodin struggles to escape the sinking killer-car as Bond and Mi Wai land safely.

Straightening himself up, Bond comes face to face with Mi Wai's pistol. Nearby, a Chinese helicopter is landing.

Red Chinese Camp
The chopper takes 007 to a Red Chinese camp where he is quizzed by Wai's boss Quen Low. He wants to know why the British Agent is in China and does not like the death and destruction 007 has caused.

Quen Low explains that their government too received a letter threatening the destruction of their nuclear power plans. He explains that they ignored the threat and takes Bond to see the consequences.

Nanking Power Plant
The drive to Nanking is scattered with death and destruction. On the way, Quen Low explains that they had discovered that it was one of the Kohoni's machines that went haywire, and caused the explosion.

They arrive and Bond compares this machines microchip with the one Connie had slipped him. It is a perfect match.

Quen Low explains that Ching is the grandson of a powerful Chinese general. When the general's army was defeated, Ching's father fled with his money and began a militia group funded by the opium trade. When the government eventually assassinated Sir Henry's father, he and his mother went into hiding. Quen Low concludes that he believes Sir Henry is behind the nuclear disasters and wants revenge on China. They reluctantly agree to work together.

Above: the real-life Nanking power plant

While many details of this abandoned production are vague, MI6 puts the pieces together to take a look at what could have been the 17th James Bond picture based on the available materials.
Stay tuned to MI6 for a series of features on the ill-fated 3rd Dalton film.

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