"Die Another Day" had several scenes which failed to make the final cut. Originally rumoured but ultimately missing from the Special Edition DVD, MI6 takes a look at what was left on the cutting room floor...

Part 1 - Cuba, London, Climax
Part 2 - Iceland

"Die Another Day" Cut Scenes - Part 1
30th April 2003

During Bond`s drive in Cuba, scenes were shot of military manoeuvres taking place alongside the road Bond was travelling. Army trucks and soldiers were filmed with Bond driving past in his Ford Fairlane. It is presumed this sequence was cut purely for run-time and to preserve the pace of the film.

Bond had a lot more dialogue with the MI6 sleeper agent Raoul in the original shooting script.

A lengthy scene with Bond and Raoul discussing 007`s predicament and reminiscing about Cuba was filmed with the pair overlooking the city. The picture opposite shows the scaffolding that was created specially for scene in Cadiz, Spain (which doubled for Cuba during the production).

Ultimately, the dialogue was cut from the final film and Raoul's involvement ends after he lends Bond a car, a pair of binoculars and a revolver.

After Jinx and Bond share their love scene, 007 hops over to Los Organos island on the tail of Zao. Although never shot, the original script saw Bond and Zao fighting on top of a vultures cage, where Bond ultimately retrieved a diamond which later made the connection back to Graves in Iceland.

After Jinx terminated Dr. Alvarez in his clinic on Los Organos, a scene was cut where she broke into a safe on the wall behind his desk and stole a CD. She hid the evidence in a convenient plastic CD wallet that hung around her waist under her dress. Her concealed evidence was revealed to the guards when she pulled off her dress, although the cut left in the film does not show the CD hanging from her waist before she dives into the sea.

In the final film, Bond arrives in Heathrow in a British Airways jet. Being a renegade agent, and wanting to avoid passport control (and possible detainment), a scene was shot of Bond disembarking the plane via the landing gear.

In a similar fashion to Arnie in "Commando" (although this time the plane was landing rather than taking off), Bond skipped his passport check by hopping off the landing gear onto the tarmac.

In a typical Brosnan-Bond moment, he does the buttons on his jacket up as he strides purposefully down the runaway. The scenes were shot in March 2001 in an engineering base at Heathrow Airport using huge fans.

The final film leaves us with the assumption that Bond managed to get through passport control the old fashioned way.

General Moon, who was responsible for imprisoning Bond in North Korea, discovers Graves is actually his son - Colonel Moon - during an intense face-to-face dialogue in the observation deck of the Antonov in the final film.

The original shoot saw Moon discover his son's identity earlier. Bond and Jinx, exploring the plane corridor by corridor, stumbled across General Moon arguing with a guard who was insisting he went to the observation deck. Bond took care of the guard, and pulled Moon into a cabin and explained his son was still alive and about his new identity.

Bond placed his trust in the General by handing him the guards gun, and after Bond convinces Moon his armies were massing on the border, the trio walked through the gymnasium towards the observation deck. Upon seeing the bust of Colonel Moon in the Korean themed gymnasium, realisation hit home to the General.   "I have grieved all this time. My son would not let me suffer like that" - General Moon.

Bond and Jinx peel off to head towards the cockpit, as the General sees Graves and Miranda Frost (wearing a fetching hands-free microphone) planning the military campaign on a glass map table. All of these sequences were cut from the final film, as the action jumps straight into General Moon facing off with Graves.

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