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"Die Another Day" DVD Discussion & Your Reviews
2nd May / 3rd June 2003

As the "Die Another Day" Special Edition DVD is now available most territories, special discussion threads have been started in the "Keeping The British End Up" Forums.

Your Reviews & General Comments
You can submit your reviews and general comments about the DVD in this thread. What did you think of the special features? Did the audio and picture quality live up to expectation? How does it rank with the other 007:SE DVDs?

Your Rating
Submit your rating to the MI6 poll to find out what Bond fans worldwide think of the DVD.

Your Favourite Special Feature
Which of the special features on disc 2 were your favourites? Which one would you rate as the best? Which one surprised you most?

Audio Commentaries
Which of the two commentaries did you enjoy most? What trivia did you learn from the audio commentaries? What was the best or funniest anecdote?

Menus & Animation
How do you rate the "Die Another Day" Special Edition DVD menus & animation? Do you like the style of the menus? What do you think of the animation and computer graphics on the DVD?

What's missing?
What do you feel was missing on the DVD, if anything? Which feature would you have liked to have seen most - cut scenes, alternative chapter play lists, isolated music soundtrack, foreign soundtracks & subtitles, a tin to keep it in?

You can also review the film itself in the "Die Another Day In Review" board on the forums.


Release Dates:
UK - 2nd May 2003
USA - 3rd June 2003
Germany - 8th May 2003
France - 2nd May 2003
Finland - 25th April 2003
Australia - 4th June 2003

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