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"Die Another Day" DVD Marketing Campaign
26th April 2003

The MGM marketing machine for the "Die Another Day" Special Edition DVD stepped up a gear this week with a special 7 page booklet sent out to buyers and reviewers packed with sales forecasts and campaign details.

June 3rd. Time To Bond
Cool... Beautiful... Irresistible... Relentless... Unstoppable...

The pamphlet is very stylish and glossy, utilising the character poster artwork and glimpses of stills from the movie, interleaved with statistics and forecasts to tempt stockists to buy Bond big ready for June 3rd 2003 (the USA region 1 release date).   Demographics - Rating DAD "Above Average"
Males Under 25 42%
Males 25 & Over 35%
Females Under 25 45%
Females 25 & Over 40%

Purchase Intent - (NRG Study December 2002)
Die Another Day 33%
8 Mile 29%
XXX 28%
  The cinema campaign for the "Die Another Day" DVD trailer will be placed infront of "X-Men 2", "The Fast And The Furious 2" and "Matrix Reloaded" from May through to the end of June.

The cinema campaign will be complimented by a radio spot blitz across stations in the top 30 markets in the USA throughout late May and early June. A "before and after" online viral campaign is also promised, so watch your inboxes for adverts for the DVD disguised as games and competitions.   Rental Intent - Males 35 & Under
Die Another Day 41%
XXX 29%
The Ring 29%
8 Mile 27%

Some factoids from the brochure:

  • Over 100 consumer licenses were granted to create Bond merchandise for "Die Another Day".
  • 22 million active DVD households in the US contain a Bond fan.
  • 97% of audiences would recommend "Die Another Day" to friends and family.
  • The DVD marketing campaign will generate over 1 billion consumer impressions.

The latest Bond film has always sold extremely well in the DVD market. "GoldenEye" was on of the top selling DVDs during its original release, "Tomorrow Never Dies" featured in the Top 10 of the year, and "The World Is Not Enough" (which was launched in tandem with the 007:Special Edition series) won many awards upon its release back in 2000. But the "Die Another Day" Special Edition DVD, like the box-office release, is set to break all the Bond record books this summer.

Amusingly, the electronic version from MGM calls Rosamund Pike's character "Amanda Frost".