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"Die Another Day" DVD Interactive Menus
April 2003

The first review copies of the "Die Another Day" Special Edition DVD have been sent to the trade press - giving us the first look at the interactive menus and graphics.

The "Die Another DVaD" experience beings in the same way as the previous 19 special edition DVDs - a computer generated graphic animates on the screen with a pulsing "Activate" button. The viewer is launched into the main navigation system through an icy CGI gun barrel.

The overall theme for the DAD DVD menus are dark blue backgrounds with feint ice patterns and electric white computer generated graphics. The familiar dot-dot Morse code pattern is subtly included in most of the menu screen designs.

The main menu navigation revolves around a 3D CGI satellite with the menus rotating around the axis and will be familiar to owners of any of the previous 007:SE DVDs.

Each section of the DVD menus has a slightly different look, ranging from a blue-green ice texture (sound setup) to three dimensional glacier texture (special features). A 2D computer-style style menu pod controls the selection of 36 scenes.

Due to copyright restrictions MI6 can not show the DVD menu graphics, but our friends at DVDAnswers.com have published a special page with a selection of screen shots:


Thanks to DVD Answers for their assistance with DAD DVD coverage.