007 gave Immingham dock workers in the UK a licence to thrill - but it was strictly top secret.

MI6 has news of the brand new Aston Martin Vanquish and the latest gadgets from Die Another Day being unloaded at the North Lincolnshire port en route from Iceland.

Vanquish Arrives Back From Iceland
5th April 2002

EON have shipped massive containers full of cars, props and equipment from Iceland, a key location in Die Another Day.

Our insider said they were in North Lincolnshire docks after travelling on the vessel Selfoss from the Icelandic capital Rekjavik.

Things were a little more sedate at Immingham Docks while the cargo was unloaded following a four-and-a-half day journey as the event was wrapped in secrecy.

MI6 has learnt that transport company Eimskip was responsible for shipping 23 containers and 13 trucks from Iceland back to the UK.

The Die Another Day containers being unloaded by dock workers.

Immingham Docks, North Lincolnshire


The manager of the Icelandic export department at Eimskip, Mike McDonald, said:

"We've transported an Aston Martin, Jaguar, film props and lighting and electrical equipment which will now be going back to Pinewood Studios."

Eimskip has previously been responsible for shipping props for the film Tomb Raider as well as transporting the entire Jorvik Viking exhibition to Iceland.

Mr McDonald said he was looking forward to seeing the end product when Die Another Day is released later this year.

He added, "We get two or three jobs like this a year, but the volume of James Bond stuff is a lot bigger than some of the other ones we have done".