MI6 has been sent some covert photographs taken whilst the first unit were filming another Die Another Day scene at a UK location. Fresh from the trip to RAF Marham that MI6 exclusively reported on last week, Die Another Day is using yet another UK airbase to double a Korean location...

"Die Another Day" Kent Airport Filming
7th May 2002

MI6 can reveal that the first unit of Die Another Day visited Manston Airport, near Ramsgate, England this week.

Filming took place on Monday through till Thursday during the night for both storyline purposes, and to make it easier to disguise the Kent location as a Korean airstrip.

Left: A Korean soldier watches over the loading from his jeep (click to enlarge image).


Above: More Korean soldiers guard the airstrip (click to enlarge image)


Above: An aerial photograph of the runway at Manston Airport in Kent, England.


General Moon and one of his army units arrive at the airstrip in several vehicles, among which are some of the super cars that are first seen in the pretitles hovercraft chase sequence.

Above: Security personnel surround the Antonov aircraft and prepare for the arrival of the Korean cargo (click to enlarge image).

Bond and Jinx are then seen emerging from another stationary aircraft and running through a gap in a fence. As General Moon's loading is completed, Bond and Jinx chase the aircraft down the runway as it is taxiing before takeoff.

Right: A Korean tanker pulls up at the cargo door of the aircraft alongside two of Colonel Moon's supercars (click to enlarge image).


Above: A wide shot showing the security fence in the background (click to enlarge image).
  About Manston

At nearly 3km, Manston Airport features one of the longest runways in the UK, and was formerly a military airfield and fighter base. The area surrounding the sites is now in the process of regeneration, with a major new international business park project under way.

Thanks to James Prince, Chris Russell and Mark Trinder from Wormfood Studios (Kent) for sending in the pictures.