All the details on the official sound track for "Die Another Day" by David Arnold including the title track from Madonna and a 007 remix by Paul Oakenfold...

"Die Another Day" Official Soundtrack
6th November 2002

The official "Die Another Day" soundtrack will be released on the Warner Brothers label on 18th November 2002 in the UK and USA (delayed by one week from previous release dates).

The cover is based on the US release poster, although it was promised other countries will have localised artwork based on the International poster.

David Arnold says about his score: "This is as far as this style of music can go before there'll need to be a radical change." This is in reference to what he began with "Backseat Driver" utilising The Propellerheads and culminates now in some seriously advanced channel mixing, samples and distortion. Expect the unexpected, including the first use of a choir in a Bond score and no single instance of any of the Bond Themes played in its entirety.

The limited edition enhanced version of the OST will be available in the UK and will feature lots of video and multimedia extras. Although the soundtrack only features around 40 minutes of the film score, Arnold has expressed a desire to have a second OST CD for the remaining 60 minutes of music, much like "Tomorrow Never Dies".

Track Listing

01. Die Another Day/Performed by Madonna*
02. James Bond Theme (Bond vs. Oakenfold)**
03. On The Beach ***
04. Hovercraft Chase ***
05. Some Kind Of Hero?
06. Welcome To Cuba
07. Jinx Jordan
08. Jinx & James
09. A Touch Of Frost
10. Icarus
11. Laser Fight ***
12. Whiteout
13. Iced Inc.
14. Antonov
15. Going Down Together

Bonus Features


  1. Madonna Video
  2. Making of the Music Video
  3. The James Bond Theme - Bond Vs. Oakenfold “Die Another Day” Music Video
  4. The James Bond Theme - Bond Vs. Oakenfold Music Video of Classic Bond Film Clips
  5. Bond DVD Anniversary Promotional Video


  1. Bond Movie Poster Gallery
  2. Women of Bond Gallery
MI6 Shop Price: £9.99


Produced by David Arnold
Executive Soundtrack Producers: Anita Camarata and Caresse Henry
*Produced by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzaï
**Remixed by Paul Oakenfold
***Portions that contain "James Bond Theme" written by Monty Norman and published by EMI Unart Catalog, Inc. BMI

1 Die Another Day
Performed by Madonna
Written by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzaï
Published by WB Music Corp./Webo Girl Publishing, Inc. admin. by WB Music Corp. ASCAP/1000 Lights Music Ltd./Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. BMI
Produced by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzaï
Composed by Michel Colombier
Mixed by Mark "Spike" Stent @ Olympic Studios
Engineered by Mark "Spike" Stent
Pro Tools Engineer: Paul "P Dub" Walton
Assistant Engineer: David Treahearn
Strings Arranged by Michel Colombier
P2002 Warner Bros. Records Inc.

2 James Bond Theme (Bond vs. Oakenfold)
Written by Monty Norman
Published by EMI Unart Catalog, Inc. BMI
Produced by David Arnold
Remix by Paul Oakenfold
Remix Engineered and Programmed by Ian Green
P2002 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Music Inc.

Music by David Arnold
Score Produced by David Arnold
Orchestrated and Conducted by Nicholas Dodd
Programming by Rob Playford, Stephen Hilton
Additional Programming by David Arnold
Korean Percussion Performed by Pete Lockett
Soloists on "Welcome To Cuba":
Piano— Dave Hartley
Trumpet—John Barclay
Trombone—Richard Edwards
Vocal on "Antonov": Natacha Atlas
Music Editor: Dina Eaton
Music Prep: Vic Fraser
Orchestra Contractor: Isobel Griffith
Orchestral Demos Programmed by Matt Robertson
Recorded and Mixed by Geoff Foster at Air Studios
Assisted by Jake Jackson, Chris Barrett
C2002 United Lion Music, Inc. BMI, except *** portions that contain "James Bond Theme" written by Monty Norman and published by EMI Unart Catalog, Inc. BMI
P2002 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Music Inc.
Natacha Atlas appears courtesy of Mantra Recordings

Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis Studios

Die Another Day OST - UK catalogue number 9362 48389-2
Die Another Day OST - US CAT NO.: 48348
Die Another Day Promotional CD - UK catalogue number PRO 3599