The first draft of "Die Another Day" originally saw Michelle Yeah reprise her role as Wai Lin in Hong Kong. Sleuths on the MI6 forums have uncovered evidence of the sequence on the Special Edition DVD...

Wai Lin`s Cut Role From Die Another Day
1st May 2003

The first draft of the "Bond 20" screenplay in November 2001 had a rather different version of the Hong Kong location. Michelle Yeoh was originally penned to reprise her role as Wai Lin from "Tomorrow Never Dies" to give Bond a much needed ally after his escape from the MI6 debriefing with M.

Sharp-eyed Bond fans in the Keeping The British End Up discussion forums have uncovered remarkable details on the Wai Lin sequences in the "From Script To Screen" documentary, which is exclusive to the region 2 "Die Another Day" DVD release.

During the documentary, some close up shots of producer Barbara Broccoli thumbing through the draft script clearly show the text of the Hong Kong sequence. Owners of the region 2 DVD can skip to timecodes 0:01:58 and 0:04:35 to freeze-frame the script pages.


Fight Sequence

Wai Lin makes her first appearance since "Tomorrow Never Dies" helping Bond win a fight in an elevator in his hotel in Hong Kong. Surrounded by North Korean freelance thugs, Wai Lin helps Bond dispose of the threat before exiting to an unsuspecting couple who witness the aftermath of the mayhem. In a nod to "The World Is Not Enough", Bond straightens his tie as the pair step out of the broken glass. Wai Lin and Bond leave the hotel and head out into the street.

Tracking Zao

Chinese Intelligence and Bond's personal mission to uncover his betrayer are linked by Zao's activities. As M describes in the final film, Zao has blown up a peace conference and killed Chinese agents. Wai Lin invites Bond into an awaiting car which proceeds to drive through a car wash! It is all a front for a secret entrance to a Chinese Intelligence building though, as an identical car emerges from the car wash as the floor beneath Bond and Wai Lin's car is lowered.

"It's certainly bristling with security" - Bond.

An operations room awaits Bond at the end of the entrance corridor, and as he walks in the room with Wai Lin, all the analysts look up - slowly recognising it is the same man from the photograph of the Zao exchange in North Korea.

Wai Lin: "As far as they're [analysts] are concerned, our secret services are in conflict", Bond: "And I thought you and I had done so much to improve relations"


Given A Break

Tension rises when an analyst delivers a printout to Wai Lin detailing the missing agent and the orders to return him to MI6 if found. Guards surround the exits and Bond struggles to eye an escape route, but after suggesting to Wai Lin she could get into trouble for helping him out, he realises she has been promoted to Head Of Stations since their last adventure. She offers to "lose" the order for 12 hours to give Bond a chance to get out of Hong Kong before the security forces capture him and deliver him back to MI6.

"You know... you have nothing to prove, James?"

Not being able to run an operating in Communist Cuba themselves for political reasons, Wai Lin informs Bond of Zao's location and gives Bond a forged British passport and a weapon - a Beretta pistol. This would have been yet another homage to the series, as Bond had to hand over his own Beretta to M before leaving for Jamaica in the "Dr. No" mission.

"If you see him, say "hi" from us."

Ultimately the "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" star turned down the part in favour of shooting "The Touch" with her own production company in 2002. The character of Wai Lin was replaced by Rachel Grant playing the masseuse Peaceful Fountains Of Desire and Ho Li playing Chinese intelligence agent Mr. Chang in the shooting script for "Die Another Day".

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