A look back at the Danish premiere of Casino Royale, when Mads Mikkelsen made a special appearance for a group of dedicated Bond fans...

Casino Royale Danish Premiere
17th December 2006

On Thursday 23rd November 2006, the Danish premiere of "Casino Royale" was held at Imperial Cinema in the centre of Copenhagen. The "Double-0 Club", a group of devoted Bond fans in Denmark, report on the event for MI6.

The city of Copenhagen was buzzing. It was oozing Bond everywhere. Expectations were high for the new Bond film, and this particular outing received special treatment in the Danish press ever since it was announced that not just one, but two Danish actors were hired to play baddies in the next Bond film - Mads Mikkelsen as Le Chiffre and Jesper Christensen as Mr. White. It was big when Cecilie Thomsen was part of "Tomorrow Never Dies", and even bigger when Ulrich Thomsen played Davidov in "The World is Not Enough", but this is better than ever for the Danish Bond fans!

The Double-0 Club had been warming up throughout the year. The monthly get-togethers had focused a lot on "Casino Royale", the new Bond, and the Danish bad guys. The members of Double-0 Club have code names in the club, names of Bond Villains, and they have made costumes representing their character.

On the night of the premiere, the Double-0 Club went to town dressed up as Blofeld, Jaws, Oddjob, Largo and Zukovsky. When arriving at the Imperial Cinema, the press goes crazy... The Bond fans in the Double-0 Club get a taste of being celebrities, as cameras flash and photographers shout; "look over here, look over here!". The costumes are appreciated. The club members smile, but mostly because of what happened 30 minutes ago...

Earlier, at the bar next to the cinema - the rendezvous point - the club members teamed up before going to the premiere. A bunch of dressed up guys among a lot of "standard" evening gowns and tuxedos. Suddenly, a stranger sits himself down in the sofa between Blofeld and Oddjobb. It seems he wants to join our club of bad guys. He looks a lot like Le Chiffre...! It is Mads Mikkelsen, the REAL Le Chiffre! "I've GOT to sit here! You boys have really done something special" he says. Cameras are out, flashing. Mads Mikkelsen knows how to make our day. He seems very on top of things... Happy, kind, open minded... A nice moment to remember.

Later, after the film, Mads Mikkelsen went on stage to receive a large round of applause from the Danish audience. He talked a little about the film and the world premiere, including his experience of meeting the Queen Elizabeth II. Everybody in the theatre seemed very happy with the film, the actors, and the new style.

At the after party, the group me Mikkelsen again for a short chat and a few more pictures. Time to brush up some old memories... One of the members of Double-0 Club, "Largo", is a stuntman and he worked with Mads Mikkelsen several years ago, in a short film where Mads had to get shot. On that same note, "Largo" has also performed as a stunt double for both Jesper Christensen and Ulrich Thomsen on other film productions. Ironically, eleven years ago - in the very same theatre as the Danish premiere of Casino Royale - "Largo" was on stage performing as 007 himself in an action-filled stunt and dance show for more than a thousand people, including Pierce Brosnan, at the Danish premiere of "Goldeneye". Brosnan actually came up afterwards to shake "Largo's" hand... But that was then...

For Double-0 Club, Casino Royale's premiere in Copenhagen came to an end after enjoying several hours of Vodka-Martinis, Bond talk, a nice jazz band performing Bond songs, and a lot of well dressed men and beautiful women, all having fun - Bond style... For Double-0 Club, it was an evening that will be fondly remembered for a long time.

Until then, keep an eye on Double-0 Club and their upcoming "Bond-trailer" on www.007jamesbond.dk

Many thanks to Klaus Hjule and Chleve Hansen, and the rest of the Double-O Club.

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