Take a look behind the scenes at the making of the Casino Royale tie-in commercial with Heineken starring Eva Green...

Casino Royale Heineken Commercial
2nd November 2006

Heineken recently launched their new global advertising campaign, starring Eva Green as Vesper Lynd in the new James Bond film Casino Royale, which has its worldwide premiere in London on November 14th.

The campaign features the commercial, titled ‘Waiter’, for TV, internet and cinema, now showing on the official Heineken website. Additionally, Eva Green features in print and outdoor advertising, consumer competitions to win exclusive James Bond prizes, merchandise and on- and off premise promotions. The campaign is activated by Heineken in over 40 markets from October through February 2007.

Heineken is the first in the history of James Bond to shoot its commercial using the actual Bond film set.

It is also the only time that lead Bond actors feature in a brand advertising campaign linked to Casino Royale. In addition to the appearance of Eva Green, in character and costume as Vesper Lynd, the original Bond themed music is featured in the Heineken commercial.


Above: Eva Green prepares to shoot a scene outside the "Hotel Splendide"

The commercial has all the ingredients of a Bond film – sophistication, suspense and action, with a twist of humour. The plot shows James Bond’s co-star Vesper Lynd entering Hotel Splendide to rendezvous with Bond in his room. In Casino Royale, Vesper is sent by ‘M’ to keep a watchful eye on Bond. In the Heineken ad, Vesper’s mission continues. As she strides across the lobby, she observes some suspicious activity. In the end, Vesper gets her Heineken.

The commercial was shot at the same location as the "Casino Royale" - actually Grand Hotel Pupp which doubles as Hotel Splendide in the film. Shane Hoyne, Heineken International Communications Manager, explained "We felt that to be true to what we wanted, we needed to be true to the movie. So we chose to shoot using authentic locations"

Executive Creative Director Kevin McKeon explained the concept behind the commercial, "We viewed this as a 30-60 second mini-film. A great piece of Bond film is a hard thing to come up with. It's got to be really exciting, and it's got to have a little bit of wit to it and it's got to be clever. It's got to have everything that a James Bond film delivers".

Above: One of the print advertisements Heineken have produced to tie-in with Casino Royale, also featuring the Carta Mundi cards from the film.

The advert was directed by by Stephen Gaghan, who enjoyed recent success with the critically acclaimed film "Syriana". Eva Green commented on the choice, "I'm very happy he’s doing the commercial because it's quite edgy and unusual. He cares about the characters"

Above: Posters featuring Eva Green as Vesper Lynd from "Casino Royale"


Peter van Campen, Director Group Commerce, Heineken International said, “Partnerships with the international film industry are an important part of our global marketing strategy to further increase the premium Heineken brand equity and accelerate the growth of the brand, which is available in almost every country in the world. Through experiencing the World of Bond, both on and off screen, Heineken connects with its urban young adult consumers worldwide and drives desirability and demand for the brand.”

Christopher Carroll, Heineken’s global marketing manager and responsible for film partnerships said, “This campaign is truly original due to our partnership with Eon and Columbia Pictures, commitment of James Bond talent and the on-location filming. Heineken worked closely with the director Stephen Gaghan and the Casino Royale make-up artists, stylists, costume department and production, to ensure the campaign remained true and authentic to the Casino Royale film and the world of James Bond."

Heineken Casino Royale TV Commercial Image Gallery

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