A source close to EON Productions has revealed that rumours of a December 2003 shooting for a December 2004 release date are "highly unlikely"...

Bond 21 Preproduction
5th April 2003

Exactly one month on from when MI6 first revealed that EON Productions had booked office space at Pinewood Studios for August 2003, denials about a rumoured filming date have been made.

A source close to EON told the Ian Fleming Foundation that filming in December 2003 for a December 2004 release would be "highly unlikely" because a script does not exist yet.

Other websites and news agencies incorrectly reported the Pinewood Studios booking news as an indication that filming would be starting in late 2003.

Pinewood Studios confirmed the booking: "The Bond offices have been pencilled in, and the stages where all the filming takes place have been booked by EON Productions."

The office space is likely to be used for pre-production and planning, and in the past EON have booked the studios well in advance of work actually commencing.

MI6 has received further intel from two reliable sources that 2005 is the target date for release of Bond 21.

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