A round up of quotes from the many interviews given by the principal cast and crew at recent Casino Royale premiere events

Casino Royale Red Carpet Quotes
25th November 2006

"The key challenge to introducing a new Bond is to find the right person - and convincing the public that you've made the right choice. The actors that play Bond all have their own personality, they bring a bit of themselves to the part. What you're trying to do is write the script to accentuate those characteristics. That's the next challenge - what do we do with the next Bond film. We're thinking about continuing with the story, but we'll have to wait see. Moneypenny and Q will return, or not, depending on the requirements of the storyline." - Producer Michael G. Wilson

Above: The spotlight falls on Daniel Craig at the world premiere

"I chose to play Solange because I'm always making dramas, always crying and suffering - and for once I said to myself, I'm just going to have some fun. When I got the role, I was shooting an Italian movie - dressed up like a man in the middle of a duel - and none of the crew believed me. They were saying, 'but Bond girls are meant to be beautiful and glamorous!' I can't say that I was a huge fan of Bond when I was younger because he was a little bit chauvinist" - Caterina Murino (Solange)

Above: Caterina Murino (Solange)

"Le Chiffre is a very cold man, very cynical - he doesn't like to be out in the broad daylight, he would rather hide in the shadows. I think he's an interesting character. It would have been fun in the '70s to play a megalomaniac, but in this film, I don't think it would have worked. It was so ridiculous, when the press were going on about Daniel Craig being blond, it was hard to take it seriously. The only thing he could do was focus on the work - everybody knew he was going to be a fantastic Bond." - Mads Mikkelsen (Le Chiffre)

Above: Photographers greet the new Bond girl Eva Green

" I didn't have to really think twice when they offered me the part. I just think it's a fantastic love story. It's a very intriguing part, very mysterious. She shapes Bond - and his relationships with other women. I wouldn't have done a bimbo role, that's not really my aim as an actress. Bond here is like the Queen - it's very important. I grew up with Bond. I always thought he was a very cool character, and very funny. I loved Sean Connery - but I was not a Bond fan." - Eva Green (Vesper Lynd)

Above: Eva Green worth jewellery worth £25,000 to the world premiere

"The book goes back to the basics, so the action needed to too. Daniel brings a kind of dark quality to Bond, he's slightly dangerous. Connery had it in the early Bonds and I think Daniel has reinstated that into the character. When Pierce Brosnan moved into Goldeneye, the character was very set - he was a variation on what we had had before. Daniel has to start right back at base and bring all these human levels into Bond that have not been seen before. I got very astute at being able to see it and make sure the product placement was done more discreetly. But it won't go unnoticed that every terrorist in the world has a Sony Ericsson phone." - Director Martin Campbell

Above: Three rows of photographers snap Eva

"It was important for me to discover who this guy was. By starting at the beginning, as we do with Casino Royale - we were able to do that. I just wanted to make sure that we were seeing a character go through some change within the movie. I started doing it, and nobody said stop - so I just carried on. I'm very excited about the idea of going on and doing another movie. That was always the aim, to set something up so that we could continue the series." - Daniel Craig (James Bond)

Above: Daniel Craig with girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell

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