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James Bond 21 - August Report
11th August 2004

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August 2004 - Feature Story

Pierce Brosnan - In Or Out?

It's been six months since the first "Brosnan Axed" story hit the presses, but despite the best efforts of tabloid journalists telling us that Pierce Brosnan is too old, the real story behind the debacle has nothing to do with graying hair or MTV demographics.

Early in 2004, the first talks to secure Brosnan for Bond 21 began, and straight away they hit rocky ground. Brosnan, interested in "pushing that wall out there one more time with the character" allegedly asked for a pay deal that went above the bar set by his paymasters. Inside sources have claimed his original request was for $25m for his fifth film as 007.

A short while later, his proposal was reduced to $20m plus 10% of the film's profits. Sources claim Eon Productions were willing to go to $17m with the percentage deal, but the shortfall of $3m stalled the contract talks.



Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli have agreed the plot to Bond 21. Writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have completed the first draft of the script and have handed it over to producers (more).

Bond 21 is ahead of schedule compared to "Die Another Day". A director is in the process of being hired. Casting decisions will be addressed afterwards (more).

Pinewood has been confirmed as booked for Bond 21 in early 2005. Shooting is expected to start in January (more).

Composer David Arnold has announced he will be scoring Bond 21 (more).

It was during this stalemate (Brosnan said "the conversations and telephone calls have dried up") that the story of Brosnan being "axed" due to his age came out in Los Angeles, and was quickly snapped up by tabloid reporters around the world, some even claiming them as exclusives. Although the Irish actor did not have a contract since his "three films and an optional fourth" expired after "Die Another Day", reports continued that he had been "fired".


Release Dates
November 18th 2005 - USA
December 8th 2005 - Germany

John Cleese - Q

Aston Martin V8 Vantage - 007's car

Michael G. Wilson - Producer
Barbara Broccoli - Producer
Anthony Waye - Executive Producer
Neal Purvis - Writer
Robert Wade - Writer

Peter Lamont - Production Design
David Arnold - Composer
Lindy Hemming - Costume Designer
Debbie McWilliams - Casting Director


The story rumbled on and on without comment from either party, but MGM finally the broke silence when they announced the release date for Bond 21 and named Brosnan as still being their Bond. Some newspapers than ran U-turn stories claiming the "too old" rumor was a shrewd move by MGM to sway the contract talks in their favor.

Behind the scenes Brosnan was also putting his house in order. After weeks of negative publicity and lack of any intervention, Brosnan's publicists Guttman Associates were relieved from their 007 duties.

Despite the official denials about the story from MGM, Brosnan's cage was rattled, shaken and stirred - causing him to go on the record in various interviews that he was unhappy with the style of the last film, "Die Another Day", and how the producers were "in a state of paralysis" regarding the direction to take for the 21st film.

Barbara Broccoli, producer on the past four films, was then quoted as forgiving Brosnan for his comments, likening the situation to that which her father experienced with the often difficult Sean Connery.

In July Brosnan stated he had not retired from the role, but admitted he was no dead cert yet.

Seemingly bored with the state of affairs and lack of movement on Bond 21, Brosnan was then quoted in an interview last week saying "James Bond is another lifetime behind me", perhaps playing the last ace from his sleeve in an attempt to bring a conclusion to the situation.

As I exclusively revealed last month, James Purefoy is the top contender to become James Bond #6 should Pierce Brosnan and MGM/Eon Productions not come to an agreement for Bond 21.

With a director set to be signed imminently, casting issues will then be addressed - including who will play James Bond 007.

- Cindy Macdonald

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