A decision on the future of the James Bond role is imminent, with an announcement planned for early October if a consensus is reached...

UPDATE: 29th September 2005

James Bond Decision Imminent
27th September 2005

A decision on the future of the James Bond role is imminent.

MI6 has learned that Sony are scheduled to visit the UK next week to discuss the "vacant" 007 role with producers from Eon and director Michael Campbell.

Despite over a year of negative publicity and tabloid rumours of him being too old, Pierce Brosnan is in the mix following Sony expressing their desire for him to return to the tuxedo. As MI6 exclusively reported a few weeks ago, Brosnan has since made it clear to those around him that he is willing to play Bond for a fifth time if the producers make the call.

Meanwhile, press attention has hyped Daniel Craig's chances of succeeding Brosnan due his to recall for a further screentest earlier in the month.

Aside from Brosnan and Craig, at least two unknowns have been screentested at Pinewood in recent weeks.

MI6 has also learned from integrated sources that an announcement on the casting of James Bond has been scheduled for early October, pending an agreement by Eon Productions and Sony this month.


If a consensus is not reached within the next couple of weeks, then production of "Casino Royale" may be severely affected. It is understood that all stops are being pulled out to settle the matter urgently to avoid the possibility of a delay to the film's release.

In other news, scouting of locations around the Bahamas and Bermuda is reported to have wrapped. Pre-production is still on schedule despite the ongoing uncertainty over the lead role.

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Update (29th September 2005)
Relatively unknown actor Sam Worthington has joined the gaggle of hopefuls rumoured for the James Bond role in "Casino Royale". Variety has named the 29 year-old Australian actor as a front runner for the role, alongside four-times 007 Pierce Brosnan, British actor Daniel Craig, youngster Henry Cavill and director Martin Campbell's favourite Goran Visnjic.

"Casino Royale", the 21st James Bond film, will be directed by Martin Campbell and shooting is scheduled to commence on January 17th 2006 for release on October 19th 2006. No casting decisions have been made officially. Stay tuned to MI6 for the latest and most accurate coverage of Casino Royale.

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