Is Pierce Brosnan back as 007 for James Bond 21? Cindy Macdonald reports exclusively for MI6 on the current status of the film...

James Bond 21 - September Report
21st September 2004

Every month I will be updating MI6 readers on the latest status of the 21st James Bond film with inside stories from the production and sifting the real news from the many rumors, including a recap on the top stories of the month. You can contact me through the MI6 Ask The Experts page or post your comments in the "Keeping The British End Up" discussion forums.

Brosnan's Back In Action

Pierce Brosnan will be back as James Bond for a fifth time if negotiations complete successfully. After leaving the door open for a return last week, when he denied ever officially retiring from the role, Brosnan is back in talks to return to the tuxedo and has agreed in principal to star in Bond 21.

As MI6 revealed last week, as soon as the Sony buyout of MGM had been announced, Brosnan was back at the negotiating table with Eon Productions to bash out a deal for the next film - officially slated for release on 18th November 2005.

As well as the role of 007, MI6 regulars have been approached to return, although no casting decisions have been finalized yet. Should a deal with Brosnan fall through, James Purefoy is the top candidate to become James Bond #6.

Some pre-production units which would have started initial work on the film touted for a January 2005 shoot are still to be formed according to production regulars, making a delay to the expected start date increasingly likely.



MGM have accepted a buyout deal from Sony. The board are expected to sign off on the deal by September 27th. Sony will negotiate specially with Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli to iron out a roadmap for 007's future (more).

Pierce Brosnan denied ever officially retiring from the 007 role, citing a misquote in Entertainment Weekly as the cause for the confusion (more).

Some pre-production units which should be in place by now for January 2005 shooting are still to be formed.

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A New Direction

In a few days time, the MGM board are expected to sign on the dotted line of Sony's buyout offer and the legal wheels will be put in motion to retire "Leo the lion" come the end of 2005. Although most of the current MGM slate is expected to be canned, the longest running film franchise in movie history is to receive special treatment. James Bond 21 may seem to be in development hell from the public perspective, but the Bond machine is still ticking over in the shadows of the multi-billion dollar deals.

As of the time of writing, the task of deciding who will helm the 21st film is well under way. The choice is down to just two directors, one of whom will pick up from where Lee Tamahori left with "Die Another Day". Although the names are officially under wraps for the moment, one is rumored to be Stephen Frears who was onboard the ill-fated "Jinx" spin-off project.

Location, Location, Location

Recent rumours that Bond 21 will head abroad have been blown out of proportion, as usual, by the British press. Studio space at Pinewood has been booked for some time. At present, this is still the case, although the likelihood is that the start of shooting will slip from January 2005 to Easter.

Scouting trips to Prague in the Czech Republic have been mistakenly reported by the press, who jumped to the conclusion that Bond was heading abroad due to changes in the UK tax laws - which have affected a number of British productions this year.

Prague has been researched as a possible location to feature in the film, rather than studio space, even though local facilities are desperate for 007 to move there for the entire production (as Sony's Bond spoof "xXx" did in 2002).

- Cindy Macdonald


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