Gear yourself up like James Bond as Sony release a series of high-technology products as featured in Casino Royale...

Gear Yourself Up Like 007
31st October 2006

Sony VAIO introduces the new SZ3 series with High Speed Mobile Broadband Technology

Today Sony launches the new SZ3 VAIO notebook with high speed mobile broadband technology. Sony has teamed up with network partner, T-Mobile to create an ultraportable VAIO with easy-to-use high performance internet service that solves the problems many consumers have previously faced when using broadband on the move.

The SZ3 series is Sony’s ultimate business VAIO where consumers no longer have to put up with the slow speeds of mobile broadband, by using next-generation ExpressCard™ hardware. The Sony VAIO SZ3 provides impressive, super-fast speeds of up to 3.6mbps* What’s more customers can now experience the reach and sophistication of T-Mobile’s high-speed networks via a simple free trial before signing up to the future of mobile broadband.

The Sony VAIO SZ3 is the only notebook in the world with two graphics chips, enabling users to either use the extended battery life or huge graphics power depending on what they need.

Its superb features include an integrated Motion Eye webcam, fingerprint recognition, TPM security and even a hard disk drop detection. Using Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processors and backed by 2GB worth of memory it is an ideal model to debut Sony’s collaboration with T-Mobile.


How it works
The ExpressCard offers clear advantages over the old-style PC Card approach such as lower power consumption for longer battery life and a robust Plug and Play user experience untroubled by issues with device detection, ‘surprise removes’, or recovery from Standby/Hibernate modes. The ExpressCard is also so small and light that it can be left installed in the machine with no detectable effect in the carrying weight of the SZ3 ultraportable notebook.

Setup is also simple, by fitting the provided SIM card into the ExpressCard™ and following the automated instructions you can get connected within minutes. The ExpressCard™ simply finds the fastest service available and switches to it automatically. As your location changes so will your service without any intervention at all. Mobile broadband has never been easier.

Sony Introduces First HD 1080 Bravia LCD Television in the UK

Sony BRAVIA LCD Televisions have enabled UK residents to watch the exciting array of summer sporting events broadcast in High Definition this summer and Sony is pleased to announce the introduction of the Sony KDL-46X2000U, the first model from the new Sony X Series range capable of displaying High Definition on a (1920 x 1080) LCD Panel.

The KDL-46X2000U delivers a definitive viewing experience; precision colour reproduction and the very highest screen resolution combine to create a picture that seems almost alive. Features include Live Colour Creation, which uses a wide spectrum backlight (WCG-CCFL) and the newly developed BRAVIA ENGINE EX, Sony’s unique intelligent picture enhancement technology.

Capable of receiving 1080p signals, the BRAVIA X Series twin HDMI inputs ensure compatibility with the expanding HD environment and can reproduce 1080 picture exactly as it was transmitted. This power is utilised to the full even when playing standard definition (SD) TV. The BRAVIA ENGINE EX actually increases the resolution by a factor of up to four, doubling the number of vertical lines and horizontal pixels. The result is an unprecedented degree of detail and clarity, which raises SDTV to a completely new level. Sony calls this process “Digital Reality Creation”.


As well as delivering more detail the Sony X Series gives more colour too. Using decades of Trinitron know-how, Sony has redesigned the panel backlight using improved light-emitting phosphors to boost the range of red and green in the spectrum. Precision-matched RGB filters in the screen make sure the increased colour range has the maximum impact on picture quality. The effect literally brings the image to life, infusing the image with the complexity and depth of the real world.

Live Colour Creation also relies in part on the remarkable power of the BRAVIA ENGINE EX to enhance the signal before it actually appears on the screen. The intensive real-time frame-by-frame digital processing carried out by the BRAVIA ENGINE EX visibly enhances colour and contrast and cleans up noise in the signal, which could result in imperfections in the picture.

The screen itself is equally special. Each one is produced by the very latest 7th generation manufacturing process and features S-PVA (Super Vertical Pattern Alignment) molecular control for a wider viewing angle and colour that doesn’t fade as you move to the side. S-PVA also delivers a contrast ratio of 1300:1 – from dead black to pure white and everything in between. The result is detail, clarity and depth to do justice to the finest cinematography.

“The X Series embodies exactly what the new wave of Sony TVs are all about,” says Jonathan White, General Manager, TV Marketing. “Technology-driven, certainly, but completely focused on only one thing: the best possible HD experience for the viewer. That’s really all that matters.”

The KDL-46X2000U sounds as good as it looks. Powerful integrated speakers and Dolby Pro Logic? II Virtual Surround digital signal processing fill the room with a convincing simulation of multi-channel audio. What you hear is further enhanced by BBE Digital? technology, which brings extra definition and clarity both to dialogue and the ambient soundtrack. All this is underpinned by all-digital amplification, which keeps signal noise – and therefore hiss – to a minimum.

The integrated Digital TV (DVB) tuner means the TV can receive free-to-air digital broadcasts and the wide range of connections allow input for external HDTV and other AV sources. The addition of two HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) inputs, provide an input route for a 1080p signal. There are also three Scart and two Component interfaces offering unparalled flexibility. Hooking up to a PC is a simple matter too, thanks to an HD15 PC graphics input and the ergonomically refined remote commander, with enlarged frequent-use keys for ease of use.

1DVB-T MPEG2 digital terrestrial broadcast channels

Esprit From Sony - Smart technology and design combine to create entertainment products for today's cutting edge interiors

A new range of concept home entertainment products represents fresh direction in design and style for consumer electronics giant, Sony. The ‘Esprit’ range has been created for an emerging breed of discerning ‘style tech’ customers, who choose consumer electronics products for style and design integrity as well as superior technology*. The ethos of the brand is ‘beautiful simplicity’, creating highly functional, fuss-free solutions, which will look good and work well in today’s modern urban living environment. Developed by the Sony Design Centre in London, and engineered in Tokyo, Esprit has fused cutting edge European interior trends with the best of Sony exclusive sound and vision technology.

The first product in the Esprit range is TAV-L1, a premium home entertainment system with an entirely new design concept. The L1 from Sony has a unique sliding front panel system, which includes the speakers and the DVD player. The super slim 32-inch BRAVIA LCD TV always remains fixed in place. While you're watching TV or insert a DVD, the front panel automatically slides down to reveal the speaker and DVD unit, providing superb sound quality for TV or movies. But when you want to listen to a CD or the radio; the front panel sides up to cover the screen, creating a sleek sound unit, which sits discreetly on an integrated stand.

In addition, Sony TAV-L1 combines the best of premium digital Sony technology - 2:1 virtual sound – virtual surround sound using S-Force Front Surround technology, without multiple speakers. This provides the complete surround sound cinema experience in the living room without any additional speakers – perfectly integrating into the modern style tech home. All these technologies are exclusive to Sony, matching the Esprit philosophy of smart technology and design solutions.

TAV-L1 also incorporates a HD Ready BRAVIA LCD screen and a unique engine processor, providing colour perfection, which results in one of the best pictures on the market today. The speaker cover will also be available in a number of different looks and designs, to customize the L1 to the consumer’s chosen scheme.

John Anderson, Director of Sony Home Entertainment says: "The Esprit range is a totally new concept in home entertainment design which takes us one step further in integrating entertainment systems into our living environment. It also represents a new direction for us in terms of partnerships. For this range, we are collaborating with Ligne Roset, one of Europe’s cutting edge interior design and premium furniture retailers, an ideal partner to provide both design input and access to the style-conscious customer across Europe.”

TAV-L1 will be available from May 2006 across Europe. New models in the Esprit range will be announced during 2006.

* Identified by Sony’s research into the lifestyle and interior arena.

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