With the release of Casino Royale in cinemas fast approaching, James Bond is also infiltrating a whole host of television programmes.

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Casino Royale TV Guide
6th November 2006

Tuesday 7th November
GoldenEye (1995)
- 21:00 (ITV2)
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Mythbusters - 19:00 (BBC2)
We all remember the gold painted Bond Girl in Goldfinger - but did she really risk life and limb for her part? Jamie strips down in his quest to bust this dangerous myth.

Becoming Bond - 23:30 (ITV2)
Everyone had an opinion on who the next James Bond should be. But for the producers, there was only ever one person in the frame - Daniel Craig. In this programme, we follow Daniel from his screen test, through his first encounter with the world's press and onto the set to get a unique insight into how he has faced the criticism and approached the role. We travel down the Thames with him to his initial press conference, join him in his training sessions with the stunt team and discuss his genuine pride in taking on the world's most iconic movie role. This is Daniel Craig's own perspective on a year in the hot seat.

Wednesday 8th November
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) - 22:00 (ITV2)
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Thursday 9th November
David Walliams: My Life With James Bond - 21:00 (ITV1)
Documentary about the 007 phenomenon, coinciding with next week's release of the latest Bond epic Casino Royale. Little Britain star David Walliams reveals his passion for the spy films and discusses his obsession with other celebrity fans. Features clips from the various Bond movies, as well as an in-depth look at the stunts, gadgets, characters and iconic female leads

The World Is Not Enough (1999) - 22:00 (ITV2)
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Friday 10th November
Die Another Day (2002) - 21:00 (ITV2)
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James Bond: For Real - 23:35 (ITV2)
Despite the advance of CGI in films, the Bond team have always prided themselves on doing their stunts for real. With a new, younger, James Bond and a tougher, more realistic script, the stunt team were able to take full advantage of Daniel Craig's athletic abilities. This programme follows the stunts and special effects teams from 200 feet up on a crane in the Bahamas to deep underwater on the Bond stage at Pinewood. We'll see how they put together the Miami airport action sequence and learn how hard it is to get an Aston Martin to roll over.

Saturday 11th November
Live And Let Die (1973) - 18:35 (ITV4)
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Bond Girls Are Forever - 21:00 (ITV4)
Maryam D'Abo, star of The Living Daylights, discusses what it is like to be a Bond girl with other stars from the long-running and hugely successful action-adventure movie series, including Ursula Andress, Honor Blackman and Halle Berry.

Parkinson - 22:00 (ITV1)
The veteran broadcaster chats to comedian Peter Kay, while Daniel Craig drops in to reveal all about taking over the role of James Bond in his latest film outing Casino Royale. Actor Ian McKellen also guests, along with re-formed boy band Take That, who discuss the release of their new album Beautiful World.

Sunday 12th November
James Bond: For Real - 13:35 (ITV1)
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Live And Let Die (1973) - 18:00 (ITV4)
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Becoming Bond - 20:25 (ITV4)
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Monday 13th November
James Bond Soundtracks - 09:30 & 18:30 (VH1)
VH1 brings you the ultimate collection of James Bond Soundtracks for your eyes only, including the likes of Shirley Bassey, Sheena Easton, Duran Duran, Tina Turner, Garbage, and Madonna.

Fifth Gear - 20.00 (Five)
Vicki-Butler Henderson revisits a classic movie scene. The film Goldfinger features one of the most famous Bond stunts ever – the ejector sequence where the intrepid spy hoofs a baddie through the roof of his Aston Martin DB5. With the aid of a 1988 Mercedes and a very unfortunate dummy, Vicki attempts to recreate the stunt.Remaining on the Bond Theme, Casino Royale is this year’s must-see box office event featuring the all-new Bond, Daniel Craig. A few months ago, Fifth Gear was granted exclusive access to the set in Prague as cast and crew filmed the actual casino scenes. This programme provides a sneak preview of Bonds new supercar in action – the Aston Martin DBS.

Film 2006 Casino Royale Special - 23:15 (BBC1)
Jonathan Ross gets to grips with the world of James Bond in a Casino Royale special ahead of the release of the latest entry in the spy franchise. Jonathan examines the film's action scenes and music, and takes a look at the series' roots before interviewing new 007 Daniel Craig.

Tuesday 14th November
And The Word Was Bond
- 21:00 (ITV4)
A celebration of all-action hero James Bond, the suave superspy and quintessential Englishman whose penchant for life in the fast lane has thrilled Miss Moneypennys the world over and spawned 21 feature films. Actors who have risen to the challenge of the 007 role include Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and of course Sean Connery, who made Ian Fleming's character his own

Wednesday 15th November
Becoming Bond - 23:00 (ITV1)
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Thursday 16th November
Vernon Kay Show - 13:00 (BBC Radio 1)
Vernon Kay gets a licence to thrill, meeting up with Bond, James Bond, aka Daniel Craig.

James Bond: For Real - 17:15 (ITV2)
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James Bond: For Real - 21:30 (ITV4)
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Bond In Belfast - 23:30 (UTV)
Coverage of the charity premiere in Belfast.

Friday 17th November
The Film Programme - 16:30 (BBC Radio 4)
Francine Stock talks to the new James Bond, Daniel Craig, about his first outing in Casino Royale.

Casino Royale Special - 20:00 (Sky Three)
A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the new James Bond film.

David Walliams: My Life With James Bond - 21:00 (ITV2)
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James Bond Short Stories - 21:15 (BBC Radio 2)
1/8. The Living Daylights, by Ian Fleming. The KGB plans to assassinate a British agent carrying information across the Berlin border. Bond's mission: to kill the Russian sniper before he gets to our man. But 007 finds himself questioning the moral justification for his task.

Casino Royale Premiere Special - 22:00 (ITV2)
Jenni Falconer talks to Daniel Craig about taking on the lead role in the 21st Bond thriller, and meets co-stars Eva Green and Dame Judy Dench as they arrive on the red carpet at the year's biggest world premiere.

For Your Eyes Only (1981) - 22:30 (ITV4)
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Saturday 18th November
Casino Royale Premiere Special - 00:50 (ITV4)
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Film 2006 Casino Royale Special - 12:45 (BBC2)
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Casino Royale Special - 18:30 (Sky Three)
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James Bond’s Greatest Hits - 20:00 (Channel 4)
To coincide with the release of new Bond movie Casino Royale, this film celebrates the music which has always been key to the mystique and glamour of the Bond phenomenon. From Shirley Bassey to Sheena Easton, John Barry to Paul McCartney, and Moby to Madonna, James Bond’s Greatest Hits covers every 007 film since the calypso Three Blind Mice ushered in Dr No in 1962. James Bond’s Greatest Hits tells the stories behind the nation’s favourite Bond songs, as voted for in a nationwide MORI poll. Will viewers favour old-school favourites like Goldfinger and the famous twangy-guitar James Bond Theme over more modern Bond anthems like Madonna’s Die Another Day? And what about the Bond themes that didn’t make it? The film uncovers efforts by everyone from Blondie to Alice Cooper, which didn’t make the final cut. James Bond’s Greatest Hits includes the first John Barry interview – in nearly a decade – on his peerless Bond repertoire, as well as contributions from other key figures in Bond’s musical heritage, including Burt Bacharach, Hal David, Monty Norman, Lesley Bricusse, Don Black, Nancy Sinatra, Duran Duran and A-Ha.

Casino Royale Premiere Special - 20:40 (ITV2)
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Friday 24th November
Octopussy (1983) - 20:00 (ITV2)
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Saturday 25th November 2006
Casino Royale Behind The Scenes - 08:00 (E!)
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Friday 1st December
A View To A Kill (1985) - 20:00 (ITV2)
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Friday 8th December
The Living Daylights (1987) - 20:00 (ITV2)
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Friday 15th December
Licence To Kill (1989) - 20:00 (ITV2)
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