MI6 has launched a worldwide survey to discover what you - the fans - think should happen with Bond 21...

Bond 21 - Your Vote
17th February 2003

With "Die Another Day" reaching the end of its run in cinemas around the world, thoughts are already turning to Bond's next cinematic adventure. MI6 are launching a world-wide survey to discover what you, the fans, think should happen with Bond 21.

When should it be released?
2004 - Intel from reliable insiders have hinted production will begin in January 2004 for a release in December 2004
2005 - MGM have stated they want to be less reliant on the Bond franchise, and want another 3 year gap to repeat the box-office success of "Die Another Day"
2006 - The Bond series has never had a four year gap before.
2007 - The ultimate release year for a Bond film.

Who should write?
Neal Purvis & Robert Wade (TWINE, DAD)
Bruce Feirstein (GE, TND)
Michael France (GE)
Jeffrey Caine (GE)
Raymond Benson (Current novels)

What should be the theme of the film?
Down-to-earth espionage (e.g. For Your Eyes Only)
Warring superpowers (e.g. The Spy Who Loved Me)
Destruction of humanity (e.g. Moonraker)
Global blackmail (e.g. Diamonds Are Forever)
Corruption of modern society (e.g. Live And Let Die)
Betrayal of Britain (e.g. GoldenEye)
Personal vendetta (e.g. Licence To Kill)

Where should it be located? (Recently used locations are omitted)
South America
Outer space

Should a CGI Bond be used again?

Which character/s should return?
Damian Falco
Valentin Zukovsky
Jack Wade
Felix Leiter
Wai Lin

Who should play the Bond girl?
Halle Berry
Monica Bellucci
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Verona Feldbursh
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