The "Quantum of Solace" promotional tour made its second stop today, this time in Stockholm, where Scandinavian journalists attended a press conference and photo call...

Stockholm Press Conference
14th October 2008

Cast members Daniel Craig (007), Olga Kurylenko (Camille), director Marc Forster, and producer Barbara Broccoli attended a photo call in Stockholm, Sweden today. Craig, Kurylenko and Forster posted for photographers outside the Grand Hotel in the capital city on Tuesday 14th October 2008 before taking questions from journalists from Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Above: Craig, Kurylenko and Forster outside the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden

The 007-star arrived in Stockholm at 10:30pm on Monday night, where a large group of fans were waiting to catch a glimpse of Craig and girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell. Two minutes later, the new Bond girl arrived and spent some time signing autographs for the crowd. When it was time for Kurylenko finish, security had to deal with a small scuffle between fans.

When quizzed by reporters about how long he intends to stay on in the role of James Bond, Craig said he will "make as many as I can" and added that he is contracted to star in four 007 outings. "Quantum of Solace" is his second, following up the box-office smash "Casino Royale" where he made his debut in the famous tuxedo in 2006.

Craig confirmed his shoulder injury was a long-standing complaint from performing action in several films, and now was the time to get it corrected in between productions. He apologised to reporters and fans that he couldn't shake hands or sign autographs with anyone as he was under orders not to move his arm from his sling.

"It is clear [the film] is worth the money and effort spent on it, how the premiere will go, I don't know, but I am very pleased with the outcome", Craig told reporters. Now that the story-arc from "Casino Royale" is completed with this film, Craig said that the producers had a blank canvas for his third film. Craig joked that they may make a comedy, or a remake of Austin Powers. How long before a tabloid newspaper runs that as fact?

The promotional event in Sweden followed on from yesterday's first photo call in Moscow, Russia. After Stockholm they go on to the U.S. prior to the start of a longer tour of Europe, said Pernilla Angelin, public relations manager at Sony Pictures in Sweden.

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