Filming for the 22nd James Bond outing will begin on or around 10th December in UK, South America and Italy, plus exclusive news on location scouting...

Bond 22 Pre-Production Diary (13)
27th September 2007

Filming of the 22nd James Bond film will begin on or around 10th December 2007 according to The Hollywood Reporter. Shooting is reported to include the UK (Pinewood Studios will be the main base for the production) as well as location work in South America and Italy.

A Long And Winding Road
MI6 can exclusively reveal that location scouting took place in July at the Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps. At 2757m it is the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps.

Featuring 48 hairpin turns, the Pass presents a challenge to motorists - even Stirling Moss went off the road during a vintage car event in the 1990s.

Back in August, MI6 reported that scouting took place in the town of Craco (Matera) which features a similarly impressive road to Maratea Superiore, the San Biagio di Maratea and the Statua del Redentore (Christ Statue).


Above: A view of one of the 48 hairpin turns from the north end of the Stelvio Pass

It appears that a major sequence in the upcoming film has a requirement for a long stretch of winding mountain road...

DOP Confirmed
THR also confirmed today that Roberto Schaefer will be the Director of Photography for Daniel Craig's second outing as James Bond. MI6 understands that Schaefer has been participating in the European location scouting this summer. Schaefer, who has lensed director Marc Forster's films going back to "Monster's Ball", earned a BAFTA nomination for the cinematography "Finding Neverland".

Dunhill To Dress Daniel
The world’s most famous spy is about to change out of his Brioni tux. For the first time in 12 years, James Bond will not wear hand-stitched Brioni suits on screen, but instead switch to British tailor Dunhill. A Brioni spokeswoman told DNR that the Italian luxury label’s decade-long relationship with the film franchise - during which Brioni dressed Pierce Brosnan and, more recently, Daniel Craig - had ended. “We’re sorry to no longer be involved, but things change,” the spokeswoman said. “There appears to be a new costume designer, and [with that] comes a new approach to the wardrobe.”

Above Left: Daniel Craig in Casino Royale wearing a Brioni tuxedo
Above Right: Daniel Craig at the world premiere wearing a Dunhill tuxedo

Apparently 007 is going back to his English roots: London-based Dunhill is said to have landed the high-profile role of providing costumes for Bond. A Dunhill spokeswoman had no comment. However, this would be a natural progression for the Richemont-owned company. Dunhill has dressed Craig for a series of publicity events, including the world premiere of Casino Royale.

In related news, Louise Frogley has been added to IMDB's crew list as Costume Designer. Frogley's recent credits as Costume Designer include George Clooney outings Ocean's Thirteen (2007), Syriana (2005) and Good Night, and Good Luck (2005), as well as blockbusters Constantine (2005), Man on Fire (2004), Spy Game (2001) and Traffic (2000). Her career in the costume department dates back to 1981. Series regular Lindy Hemming, who has been onboard since Pierce Brosnan debuted in GoldenEye, is still listed as being on the production.

In Brief...
According to IMDB, Germany and The Netherlands will see Bond 22 released on 6th November 2008, whereas Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, UK and USA will open a day later on 7th November 2008. MI6 previously reported that the Australian release has been pegged for 13th November 2008. Officially announced as being released on 7th November 2008, fans have been unsure as to which country this applies to. The world premiere of the film is likely to be held before the general release date. Casino Royale premiered two days ahead of its UK general release date (which was a day before the US release). All release dates published on IMDB are unofficial until confirmed by Sony / Columbia Pictures, and are subject to change.