The first UK shots of Daniel Craig in pre-production on the 22nd James Bond film have surfaced, plus actor Anatole Taubman expands his villainous role...

Bond 22 Pre-Production Diary (21)
15th December 2007

The first images from UK pre-production of the 22nd James Bond film hit the national press yesterday. Two shots of Daniel Craig in rehearsals were published in British tabloid The Daily Star. Craig was in the south of England on Thursday 13th December to practice his speedboat skills on a lake in Hampshire.

The paper claims that Craig 'let slip' that the film will not feature a car chase. This appears to be idle speculation, as earlier location reports from Italy hinted that 007 would chase down Siena's narrow underground alleys and medieval aqueducts in his Aston Martin. Earlier this week, the company confirmed the return of the DBS from Casino Royale.

The last time to Bond stunt team were spotted practicing boat manoeuvres and stunts on a lake in Hampshire was in the lead up to filming for "The World Is Not Enough" (1999), which ultimately took place on the River Thames in London.

There is no hint yet as to where the real Bond 22 action will be shot, but locations for the film will include Panama, Italy and Austria.


Above: The Daily Star broke the first picture from UK pre-production on Bond 22 (

Taubman Expands His Role
Anatole Taubman, who publicly confirmed his casting in Bond 22 earlier in the week, has spoken more about his role to the Swiss media.


Rather than simply playing a henchman as first reported, Taubman insists his role is larger, and more of a secondary villain to the lead baddie played by French actor Mathieu Amalric. After confirming his character will also be French, he said "it is a really big role, but I must not say more".

As with the other cast and crew members, Taubman is bound by a strict confidentiality agreement. "Anyone involved in the Bond production must sign a 'non disclosure agreement' which includes everything down to the last detail", he said. "It is fitting that there is so much secrecy on a production for the most famous agent in film history."

Taubman has the script and guards it like a treasure, and does not even travel with it. He said the role in the Bond film will open doors to him which have alluded the European actor despite previously working on several Hollywood productions. "An appearance in a Bond film represents a completely different dimension that cannot be compared to any other project."

On the subject of Marc Forster, Taubman was very positive about what the director will bring to the series. "The job is a special challenge to Marc Forster, otherwise he would not have taken it. The 007 series has experienced many innovations with the new lead actor Daniel Craig, and it's what makes it possible to advance the character of Bond. The film will be marvelous because of Marc Forster. His films are coined by sensibility and character depth."