With filming well underway on the 22nd James Bond film, early spy shots have captured the action around London with Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench...

Production Diary (2)
7th January 2008

Filming Kicks Off In London
Principal photograph on the 22nd James Bond film 'lensed' on Wednesday 2nd January 2008 in and around the The Barbican in London. Although Daniel Craig was not present for the filming of a scene with a man on a cell phone, some fans turned up to witness the event nonetheless.

A day later, Craig was spotted in London, this time at The Water Gardens in Burwood Place, London (W2 2DA) near Edgware Road tube station.

Right: Daniel Craig greets director Marc Forster at the London filming on Thursday 3rd January.


Daniel Craig was the centre of attention during the shoot, and several crew members can also be seen in the photos including director Marc Forster who was wearing a pale blue wooly hat.

Some reports indicate that the Fire Brigade were on hand to help create the illusion of rain at the location, but this could have just been the local weather...

Out Of Office
Day three of principal photography on Bond 22 saw more spy shots emerge - this time of Dame Judi Dench reprising her role as M.

The photographs were taken in London in what appears to be a scene where M is out of her office, talking with an MI6 aide.

Up until the filming this week, Dench was kept in the dark on the script. She said, "It's all so secretive. I've only been told that this will be an original storyline - and that's it. "I wasn't remotely surprised about the success of Casino Royale and I'm sure we can surpass that this time."


Above: Dench shares a joke with director Marc Forster (right) on location.

120 Minutes
In brief news, director Marc Forster has talked to press in Austria about the run-time for the film. With Casino Royale running to a series-record 144 minutes, Forster was asked in the 22nd James Bond film would be around the same length. Forster said, "I can only speak to myself, but I focus on a running time of exactly two hours." When asked how his movie will stack up against the previous outing helmed by Martin Campbell, Forster said "with Casino Royale, the producers created a new kind of James Bond film. Here I would like to tie."