MI6 reports from Panama City, where Daniel Craig and Gemma Arterton were shooting scenes for "Quantum of Solace" in the Santa Ana district...

Production Diary (12)
10th February 2008

Scenes for the new James Bond film "Quantum of Solace" were filmed on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th February in the popular neighborhood of Santa Ana, in the center of the Panamanian capital.

Above: 007 (Daniel Craig) find his way through the market to his taxi

The shooting took place at 16 West Street in Santa Ana, a populous area of old buildings and housing in which small businesses operate as workshops, places of accommodation and modest restaurants.

The traffic was diverted and some of the entrances to the street of the shooting were temporarily restricted. The walls of some buildings had signs announcing the filming and warned about the diversion of vehicles to avoid noise.

For one of the scenes, Daniel Craig (James Bond) and Gemma Arterton (Agent Fields) arrived in a taxi and went to the Hotel Bolívar, created especially for the production.

Inside the building, which was dressed as a hotel, was a small bar, a desk, newspapers, and Bolivian flags.


Above: Bond and Fields arrive at the Hotel Bolívar

Above: Gemma Arterton as Agent Fields awaits Bond in his taxi

In the narrow streets, a hundred extras were dressed in thick clothing, some as indigenous Bolivians wearing coats, hats, and wool ponchos in line with the fictional setting.

Market stalls selling fruit were constructed with palm trees and parasols, and trucks loaded with bananas and bags of food completed the scene. The vehicles had registrations in keeping with Bolivia.

Filming comprised of scenes where 007's enemies attempt to assassinate him in the hotel elevator, but Bond escapes through the back of the building to the by sea. Local press speculate that Bond is in Bolivia on the tail of drug traffickers.

As MI6 reported yesterday, filming will move on to various locations in the city and further afield, including the Institute of Culture (INAC) building in Panama City which will be transformed into the Grand Hotel Andean.


Above: Gemma Arterton in Santa Ana