MI6 rounds up the latest production plans for "Quantum of Solace" in Italy, plus new shots of the boat sequence filmed in Panama...

Production Diary (19)
27th March 2008

Italian Itinerary
In an update to the lengthy report on the filming plans in Italy that MI6 reported earlier this month, some further details have surfaced. The "Quantum of Solace" Italian line producer Guido Cerasuolo held a press conference in Siena on March 21st. He confirmed that the James Bond crew will be arriving on March 31st, with filming on the rooftops in Siena to commence on April 4th through april 12th. Production will then move to the shores of Lake Garda for two weeks, with the following two weeks based around Carrara. Filming will head back to Siena at the Piazza del Campo from May 13th to May 17th. Additionally, a second unit will shoot at Talamone at the end of April.

According to local press, scenes will be filmed on the Largo di Garda (Lake Garda) in Malcesine between April 15th to April 19th from 09:00 to 17:00. Daniel Craig is expected to be present.

As previously reported by MI6, part of the Aston Martin DBS car chase will be filmed between Malcesine and Navene.

Rumours are circulating that an action scene will be filmed on the Monte Baldo cablecar with a jump performed by a stunt double. Reports also mention shooting of a speed boat chase, but those scenes are linked to sequence set in Bolivia (already filmed in Panama).


Above: The town of Malcesine on the shore of Lake Garda, Italy.

Cerasuolo said that the Italian action sequence will be on screen for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, with the 7 to 8 minutes spent in Siena "among the most spectacular".

Apparently, the chase sequence was originally written to end at the Siena Duomo (cathedral), but this was later discarded as it was seen to be disrespectful to the location. Instead, 007 will emerge from the fountain in the Piazza del Campo just at the moment that the horse race ends. The network of underground tunnels ('bottini') were reconstructed in Pinewood as filming at the real location was not possible.

Above: The Piazza del Campo (left) and the fountain that 007 will emerge from (right)

The estimated production budget for the shooting in Siena has been pitched at 500,000-600,000 Euros. The local scouting agency Scoutit in Firenze has selected 200 extras, with 1000 to be used at the Piazza del Campo to replicate the Palio race scenes. Local reports suggest these Siena sequences will not involve Daniel Craig.

More Shots From Filming In Panama - Early March

Above: More action shots from the boat sequence filmed off the coast of Panama earlier this month. Bond and Camille can be seen together in the first image.