MI6 rounds up cast and crew quotes from the fourth "Quantum of Solace" newswrap in which the team comments on the direction of the upcoming Bond film...

Production Diary (35)
30th July 2008

While production wrapped almost a month ago on the upcoming James Bond picture, "Quantum of Solace", the latest newswrap that was distributed to the worlds media on the July 25th gives expectant fans an insight into the direction and the hard work behind 007's 22nd adventure. MI6 rounds up what the principal cast and crew had to say about the shape this adventure is taking.

As well as insight in to the intensity of the "Quantum of Solace" production, the media reel is interlaced with B-roll footage that gives fans a sneak peek into the world of the 22nd James Bond adventure.

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In the two-minute feature, 007 star Daniel Craig was quick to comment on the enormous nature of the filmmaking process and the pressurised expectation that builds when the world is awaiting a new entry to the James Bond cannon. "You know, we made a very successful movie last time and everybody is going to be looking to this one to see what the outcome is. And that puts a lot of pressure on a director and I know that puts a lot of pressure on me, but our only criteria is that we've just got to make a good movie that we can look back to in 10 years time and sort of go, 'we're very proud of it.'"

Much of the burden of living up to 2006's "Casino Royale" falls on the shoulders of acclaimed director, Marc Forster: "We have this enormity of different locations, of action, of all these things to do and to achieve in a certain amount of time. You just have to take it step by step and not really think about the end. I have to think of the moment I am shooting today."


The expectation is for a Bond director to put his imprint on the film but also to provide a link in the James Bond chain. According to Mathieu Amalric, who fills the shoes of 007's latest foe, Forster has done just that: "It's a James Bond film, but it's a Marc Forster film also. Anything can happen. This world is, you know, alive and fresh."

Marc Forster describes the detailed process he is engaged in, "You set the tone as a director, you try to create the magic, but then, the vision of the film as you set it - you know the location you choose the casting you do and how you work with the actors suddenly overtakes you and becomes alive and you almost flow within that."

Actors lucky enough to work one-on-one with Forster had nothing but praise for the "Quantum of Solace" helmsman. In the new interview, British newcomer Gemma Arterton explained, "working with Marc has just been brilliant. He lets you do what you do as an actor which makes you feel kind of confident and you can really make your mark on things."

Above: The fourth newswrap focuses on director Marc Forster

"His real ability is storytelling. Having someone at the helm who is controlling how we emotionally enjoy the movie is a big weight off my mind." Daniel Craig commented on Forster's style whilst long-time Bond producer Michael Wilson explained the heightened number of locations on this shoot: "Marc is the kind of director who likes to get it out of the studio, to go to real locations to capture the atmosphere there and work with it."

In the fourth media round-up the man with the last word was Daniel Craig, "I am incredibly excited by what we have done, I look at the trailer which we've just finished - I think we've got something really special."