Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko and director Marc Forster recorded the first press junket interviews for "Quantum of Solace" in Los Angeles this weekend...

First Press Junkets
21st October 2008

Daniel Craig (007), Olga Kurylenko (Camille) and director Marc Forster performed the first leg of media junket interviews in Los Angeles this weekend to promote the 22nd James Bond film "Quantum of Solace". The BBC and ITN in the UK have posted clips from the brief interviews.

Craig started off by saying he was very happy with the way "Quantum of Solace" has worked out. "The films work together but they are very separate, " Craig said.

"I'm really happy with the style of this movie. I think we've nodded back to the old ones and some of the old Bond ideas, but we've made an incredible individual movie. I couldn't be happier with it."

"The lucky thing for us is that we had this chance to make a very direct sequel. This idea of vengeance is really everybody else's idea - they think he's gone off course and that he's a loose canon and his emotions have taken over."

"It's actually a bit more complicated in this story and the idea of vengeance is the furthest thing from his mind. Bond just wants to get closure, hence the title Quantum of Solace."


"Felix Leiter, M, and Camille are the three main relationships Bond has. And Fields... Poor Fields! That's a good relationship - it's a shame it doesn't go on."

On the topic of the plot, Craig said, "You never make Bond political, that's the wrong thing to do, but there's always influences. There's a very strong line through these two movie about trust and who you can trust, and who your allies are. The hope is that there's some department in the government that knows what they're doing. That's what the Bond movies have always been about."

Olga Kurylenko picked up on Craig's enthusiasm for the overall feel of the film. "I kind of had an idea [about what the movie would look like] because I was involved in so many scenes, but I still got surprised", she said. "It's so intense. All of the factors put together made the movie explode, it's very intense."

So how does Camille differ from all the Bond girls that have gone before her? "Bond always used to use women for his own purposes, so I'm happy that he doesn't get to use Camille in this film!", Kurylenko explained. "She's a strong character and she's just not in to that. First, I think that Bond can see it's not going to work with her, and second, I don't think he's interested in that either because he just lost the women he loved so he just wants to get his revenge."

The roller coaster ride of media attention has just started to ramp up for Kurylenko as the film gets closer to opening in theatres around the world. She explained what it has been like so far: "Of course, we don't go around in life doing the same thing but it's a movie and it's so cool to live this at least for six months. That's what's great about acting. It's just great to be in someone else's skin and do something extraordinary and this was the case."

"By getting Marc Forster in we got a fantastic story-teller
and a versatile film director" - Daniel Craig

Director Marc Forster was quick to compliment Craig on his portrayal of 007. "He's the perfect Bond in a sense because he really humanises the character", Forster said. "He really has a handle on him and he's so physical and wants to do the stunts, which is great for a director because you get that intensity and truth across without having to shoot around a stunt double. At the same time, the way he wears himself... he's so at ease."